Indian Army Warns Pakistan of 'Unexpected Damages' for Ceasefire Violations

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    Indian Army Warns Pakistan of 'Unexpected Damages' for Ceasefire Violations

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015
    By : NDTV

    JAMMU: The Indian Army has warned Pakistan today of "unexpected damages" if it continues to violate the ceasefire along the border in Jammu and Kashmir.

    "There are certain elements across the border who want to create trouble on the Line of Control... we have to give them certain unexpected damage to so that they don't repeat it in future," said Lieutenant General KH Singh, who commands the 16 Corps.

    The senior officer said that Pakistan started shelling and firing on villages in the Poonch sector in Jammu on Saturday on Eid because India had managed to stop terrorists from crossing the border just two days before that. Five civilians were injured in the area.

    "One girl was killed on the Pakistan side - we regret the incident. The Pakistani army also suffered major damages. They chose the Eid day to retaliate and targeted our civilian areas after Eid prayers," he said.

    The clashes over the weekend have raised doubts about a much-discuss thaw between India and Pakistan after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, at a summit in Russia this month. They agreed that their top security officials would hold talks. But in the days since then, the ceasefire along the Line of Control and the International Border has been repeatedly violated, with one Indian killed.

    The simmering tension saw Pakistan, in a break from tradition, refusing festive sweets from Indian soldiers on Eid on the border in Punjab.
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    Enough with warnings..just do it.
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    Yes, stop issuing warnings and just do things. Though I bet most of the "warnings" are a news reporter sticking a mic in someone's face who's then forced to make a statement because they are on camera.
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    Pakistan is on backfoot , yes we are showing some resilience in daily ceasefire violation , but they still remember what India did last year , by bursting their bunkers and killing their officers
    India is changed country and Pakistani are still in hangover of previous regieme
    They will come out of it time
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    whr invaders hv been eulogised, heroes binned!!
    like how one had sought the response of RS Rathore after the NE-op recently, and whence the rudaali over 'chest-thumping' started.

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