Indian Army verifying if 6 Sikh officers were massacred or not

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    Indian Army verifying if 6 Sikh officers were massacred at Tughlakbad and Nangloi areas during Sikh Genocide 1984 | Sikh Siyasat News (in English)
    New Delhi, India (January 02,2012): As per media reports the Indian Army is checking the veracity of claims made by a some retired Sikh officers that six Sikh officersof Indian Army were killed during the November 1984 genocidal violence against Sikhs near Tughlakabad andNangloi areas near Delhi.
    1984 Yes It’s Genocide
    The Adjutant General’s branch of the Indian Army is looking into the allegations made by the retired officers,Army PTI has quoted sources as saying.
    The retired Sikh officers hadheld a press conference in Chandigarh on December 17, 2012 where they revealed that some Sikh officers of Indian Army were also massacred during an incidentof genocidal violence againstthe Sikhs during November 1984 at Tughlakbad and Nangloi areas.
    The matter was reportedly brought to the notice of the Defense Ministry by the National Security Adviser Secretariat recently.
    It is notable that Indian Stateis denying the fact of “Sikh Genocide 1984″ and term it merely an incident of anti-Sikh riots.

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