Indian Army to procure Medium-Range Loitering Missile

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    Indian Army to procure Medium-Range Loitering Missile

    Diversifying its artillery, the Indian Army has planned to acquire medium-range loitering missile that can strike at a target after hovering over it for 30 minutes and sending in critical data on the enemy installation.

    Defence Ministry’s Annual Report tabled in the Parliament yesterday said the Artillery Fired Medium-Range Loitering Missile can strike a target with a missile’s precision and has loitering capability like a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

    The system has the capability for acquisition of targets and precision engagements. Each system can carry out one combat mission. “The proposal is under progress,” as per the report.

    The loitering missile will be equipped with a conventional warhead. The range of warheads will include anti-tank and anti-material warheads with deep penetration against armour.

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