Indian Army To Hold War Games With US, Russia , France

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    Indian Army To Hold War Games With US, Russia

    New Delhi: Top global powers, including US, Russia, France and some of the friendly neighbourhood countries such as Bangladesh, will engage in war games with the Indian Army to learn from India its experience of counter terrorism and urban warfare operations.
    Indian Army will hold around 15 exercises this year with friendly foreign countries including the who's who in the global arena, army officials said.

    In its immediate neighbourhood, Indian Army will conduct these joint training exercises with Bangladesh and Singapore.

    'Bold Kurukshetra' with Singapore army will kick-off the war games in Babina near Jhansi in March. The two sides will field their mechanised forces in the training engagement.

    The schedule and nature of exercises with other countries are yet to be decided, but anti-terrorism drills and urban warfare is going to be an important part of all of these war games, officials said.

    The army troopers will also engage the American mechanised forces in the deserts of Rajasthan in the exercise 'Yudh Abhyas' which will see the US fielding its tanks there.

    The US had participated in exercise 'Yudh Abhyas-2009' with the Indian Army, when it had taken its Stryker infantry armoured vehicles outside of its operational area to a foreign land.

    Indian Army had participated in the exercise with its mechanized infantry battalions. Similar exercises have also been planned with the armies of France and Russia.

    Last year in October, troops of Indian and French armies had conducted a joint exercise-'Shakti-2000' in the hills of Ranikhet in Uttarakhand.

    The fourth round of 'INDRA' series of joint exercise between Indian and Russian armies was also conducted in 2010 in Uttarakhand.

    Read more at: Indian Army to hold war games with US, Russia
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    A very apt move to get to hone the interoperability as also to send the right signals!
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    Indian Army to hold 20 war games with friendly nations

    New Delhi, (IANS) In its bid to have greater engagement with foreign militaries, Indian Army will this year hold between 15 to 20 bilateral war games with friendly nations like the US, Russia, France and Britain, apart from neighbours Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal, officers said Sunday.

    The exercises, mostly focusing on counter-insurgency and anti-terrorism manoeuvres, will help in honing the skills of Indian and other friendly troops in different scenarios, and improve their interoperability, as required under United Nation’s multinational joint military efforts for world peace.

    Among the first exercises this year will be with Singapore at Babina in Uttar Pradesh, close to Jhansi, this March, officers said.

    During the India-Singapore exercise, both sides will pit their mechanised forces and tanks in battle with terrorists in an urban scenario. The exercise is likely to be called “Bold Kurukshetra”, officers said.

    “Indian Army’s counter-insurgency skills are much sought after by global powers due to the five-decade experience that we have gained in the northeastern states and Jammu and Kashmir,” the officers said.

    With the US, the Indian Army’s mechanised infantry forces will hold an exercise, “Yudh Abhyas”, in Rajasthan this year, when they will both field their tanks and armoured personnel carrier.

    Most other exercises are still in the works and the venues and dates will be finalised soon, officers said. The other nations to join the exercises this year will be Mongolia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia, and Central Asian nations.

    In 2011 too, India had held 16 military exercises with other friendly nations such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia.

    In October 2011, India held its first ever army exercise with French Army called “Shakti-2011″ at Chaubatia in Uttarakhand.

    Indian Army to hold 20 war games with friendly nations | Northern Voices Online: NVO News Blog
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    Global players keen to emulate Indian Army

    The Indian Army will conduct bilateral joint exercises with US, Russia and France besides Bangladesh and Singapore this year with special focus on urban terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.Global powers like the US and Russia are keen to learn from nearly 50 years experience of the Indian Army in fighting insurgency in all kinds of terrain be it mountains of Jammu and Kashmir or dense jungles of the North East, sources said here on Sunday.

    The war games with Singapore will take place in Babina near Jhansi in March and the exercise is name ‘Bold Kurukshetra. The two sides will field their mechanised forces in the training drill. Incidentally, Singapore conducts its own air force exercises in India nearly every year due to paucity of air space in their country.

    Sources said the planners were working out schedule and nature of exercises with other countries with special focus on anti-terrorism operations. India in the past had carried out joint exercises with the US and Russia on this issue in India and respective countries and Indian performance was rated high by the US and Russia.

    The exercise with the US named ‘Yudh Abhyas’ this year will see mechanised forces of the two countries conducting complex drills in the deserts of Rajasthan. The countries will field their frontline tanks and perform offensive and defensive manouvres, officials said. The last exercise of this nature was held in 2009.

    Sources said foreign countries were keen to come to India for joint exercises due to diversity of terrain, weather and vast operational experience of the Indian armed forces. These exercises helped the participating countries to enhance synergy and expose the participants to operational philosophy of each other’s army.

    However, joint exercises with China were yet to come to drawing board stage after India suspended defence relations last year with its eastern neighbour when it refused visa to then Northern Command chief Lt. General BS Jaswal. Beijing questioned the status of Jammu and Kashmir while rejecting his visa for an official visit.

    Relations were restored late last year and a Chinese military delegation visited India and a reciprocal visit will take place shortly. As regards joint exercises, India and China have held two such exercises in the last four years. While the first exercise in 2008 was held in China, the next exercise was held in India the next year.

    Global players keen to emulate Indian Army |

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