Indian Army Likely to Place $190 Million Order for 114 Dhanush Howitzers

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    The Indian Army is likely to place a US $190 million order for 114 upgraded version of indigenous Dhanush artillery gun under the first phase if results of confirmatory trails are positive.

    “Dhanush has entered confirmatory trials that will last till early next year. If the confirmatory tests are positive, the Indian Army will be placing over US $190 million order for 114 such guns with the Ordnance Factories Board under the first phase,” Defense sources told and Indian news agency today.

    The Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur, plans to supply six guns within six months, another 12 within the next one year before ramping up the production.

    Dhanush will be the first artillery gun to be acquired by the army since the purchase of Bofors guns from Sweden in 1987.

    It is a upgraded version of Sewdish 155-mm Bofors howitzers bought by India in mid-1980s based on the original design. It and underwent winter trial in 2013 and summer trials in 2014.

    However Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has said, “The defense ministry has now decided to purchase guns from foreign countries. The ministry would initiate the process for the same.”

    Parrikar, who was in Lucknow to attend the training program of elected cantonment board members, was quoted as saying by the Times of India news daily.

    Parrikar had earlier this year said the tests for the 155/45mm caliber Dhanush guns were successful.

    Sources said minor changes were done following the trials, following which the confirmation trials have begun.
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    For the love of god.... Kargil was 16 YEARS AGO!

    The army should have at least 1000 new guns by now. The incompetence of the prior governments (BJP included) is unf***ingbelievable!

    If the Chinese invaded tomorrow, India would not have the infrastructure, troop numbers, or kit to defeat them.
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    If the Chinese invaded tomorrow they woul have the infrastructure to move in massive numbers of troops to the border far before the first airlift even takes off from delhi/agra. Combine that with the fact that they would most certainly deploy HQ-9 units with their forward columns , our heavy lifters would get nowhere. We have set ourselves up for a repeat of 62.

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