Indian Army for night sights for AK-47&7.62mm LMG

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    Indian Army is looking to arm its frontline infantry weapons with new-generation night sights to boost operations after dark. It is specifically in the market now for Uncooled Thermal Imaging Sights for its 7.62mm Light Machine Gun (LMG) currently in the process of being procured.
    The Army has stipulated that the sight required by the Infantry should be a light weight and ruggedized device to enable accurate engagement of human target by use of 7.62mm Light Machine Gun at night/hours of darkness / poor visibility at the effective range of 800 metres and above.
    The Army is looking for passive night sights for its widely deployed AK-47 assault rifles. The Passive Night Sight, the Army says, should be an Image Intensifier Technology based device to enable accurate engagement of pin point target by use of Rifle AK-47 at night/ hours of darkness/ indoor dark areas.Both requirements are part of the overall F-INSAS programme. With summer setting in and infiltration of terrorists likely to be on an upswing, the Army is hoping to procure equipment as quickly as possible to make its frontline fighting units fully night combat capable.
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