Indian Armoured Vehicle Decision MakingUnit to Meet at AV India 2012

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    IT News Online > - - Entire Indian Armoured Vehicle Decision Making Unit to Meet at AV India 2012
    LONDON , November 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --
    In one week's time, Defence IQ will once again be presenting the only armoured vehicle conference organised in collaboration with the Indian Army - Armoured Vehicles India 2012 . Taking place 28 - 30 November in New Delhi , this event continues to contribute to the Indian Army's extensive armoured vehicle modernisation.
    To view the complete programme, the AV India 2012 brochure is available to download online .
    Senior representatives from the Indian Army will provide insight into India's armoured vehicles future optimisation, Future Main Battle Tank and Future Infantry Combat Vehicle capabilities, with a whole morning dedicated to platform survivability on the 28 th November.
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