Indian Air Force will install anti-collision tech in all aircraft

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    India To Mandate Anti-Collision Tech on Military Planes | Defense News |

    NEW DELHI — The Indian Air Force will install anti-collision technology in all aircraft procured from now on, according to Defence Minister A.K. Antony.

    “The type of equipment will depend on the role and operational employability of the aircraft,” Antony wrote in a Dec. 17 letter to Parliament.

    So far, anti-collision devices have been installed in all the Air Force’s very very important person (VVIP) aircraft. “The Indian Air Force presently operates Embraer executive jets and Boeing business jets for VIP duties. All these aircraft are equipped with traffic alert collision avoidance systems and ground proximity warning systems,” Antony wrote. “The total cost of procurement of these aircraft and the associated equipment is inclusive of the collision avoidance systems mentioned above.”

    Anti-collision devices were installed in VVIP aircraft after a near collision last year involving former President Pratibha Patil’s helicopter entourage.

    The ground proximity warning system alerts pilots if the aircraft is in danger of flying into the ground or an obstacle. The traffic alert collision avoidance system monitors the airspace around an aircraft independent of air traffic control.
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    Good move, but I think our ships also need such devices.

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