India will share information on Samjhauta blast case with Pak: Chidambaram

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    Question is what information india is going to share on samjhota express blast case ?Are all probe completed by the investigating agencies.Some days back CBI opposed the bail appeal of the earlier accued arrested in the same case saying it still has to verify the Aseemanand's confessions.When GOI is as confused as CHI on the case they will end up sharing wrong info to pakistan hence creating more confusion between india and pak.

    India will share information on Samjhauta blast case with Pak: Chidambaram

    Home Minister P. Chidambaram has said “some evidence” has emerged in the 2007 Samjhauta blast case and India will share information with Pakistan once the probe is over.

    “We have not said that we will not provide evidence. These are early phases of investigation...once the investigation is complete we will share the evidence with Pakistani authorities,” he said.

    Mr. Chidambaram said that he had conveyed India’s position to his Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik.

    “We had no indication (earlier) as to who may have been behind the attack. Now we have some evidence. A couple of people are suspects,” he told NDTV here.

    He said that right-wing group Abhinav Bharat member Swami Aseemanand has confessed his involvement in the Samjhauta case as also in the Malegoan blast case before a court.
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    Chidambaram is a weak loser who is just a puppet to Madam Maino and not interested in the nation's welfare. If he had a spark of honor, self-respect and conscience, he would request Pakistan to check on progress of 26.11 case. But no.. That would give Con-party's masters in foreign countries a heart attack.
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    Every thing cannot be looked at that angle. India might release enough info to get those scums going on the 26/11 case. India cannot give pakistan and excuse to not assist india by sighting indian non cooperation in the samjhauta case. Anyways india can always hold info as we have all the intel and investigative reports. They had no clue on it. That is not the case in the 26/11 case where we gave them damning evidence.
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    Seriously, Yusuf, do you really think Pakistan needs an excuse to stall the 26/11 case? Do you really believe that Pakistan will ever prosecute those behind 26/11 even as a face saving measure?

    If the answer is no, then why is Indian Govt trying to cooperate with Pakistan? For the sake of world perception? If so, then what has this world done for us, post 26/11? And what will they do for us in future?

    Actually, India should stop treating Pakistan as a normal nation. It is not normal or a nation for all practical purposes and India should take this stand. It is a terror assembly of all tribes and groups whose only aim is to hamper India's growth and divide India...
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    This is a bad precedent. In future Pakistan will demand such information about each and every case in India. GOI is legitimizing the extra territorial jurisdiction of Pakistan.
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    Knew this was going to happen :rolleyes: Pak now has the perfect excuse, thanks GoI :india1:
    India lacks courage to unearth role of Hindu extremists: Pak

    Islamabad, Feb 5 (PTI)

    On the eve of Foreign Secretary-level talks in Thimphu, Pakistan today came out with a provocative statement saying that India's handling of the Samjhauta Express train bombing case showed that it lacked ''courage to unearth culpability of Hindu extremists''.

    "India seems to be lacking courage to unearth culpability of Hindu extremists and their links with some Indian Army personnel," Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said in a statement that may not go down well with New Delhi.

    India's handling of the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing case "doesn't inspire much hope", he said.The spokesman emphasised that India "needs to bridge the gap between what it says and what it does".

    Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao will meet her Pakistani counterpart Salman Bashir in the Bhutanese capital tomorrow to make a fresh attempt to restart the bilateral dialogue process stalled since the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

    The Indian side is expected to seek an update from Pakistan on the Mumbai attacks investigations and trial.

    This will be the first meeting between the Foreign Secretaries after the failed talks between the Foreign Ministers in July last year in Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been calling for action against those responsible for bombing the cross-border train ever since RSS leader Swami Aseemanand recently confessed to a special court in India about the involvement of Sangh activists in several terror attacks, including the assault on the Samjhauta train that runs between the two countries.

    Basit said it was "unfortunate that India, which uses terrorism as propaganda against Pakistan, has still not been able to complete its investigations into the Samjhauta Express blasts".

    He added: "Even after the lapse of four years, India somewhat conveniently asserts that its investigations are incomplete. We do not know how many more years India would need to bring the perpetrators of the Samjhauta terrorist act to justice, and provide relief to the families of the 68 victims, including 42 Pakistan nationals."

    On the other hand, India has criticized Pakistan's handling of the prosecution of seven suspects, including Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, who have been charged with planning, financing and executing the 2008 Mumbai attacks.The trial has been affected by several procedural delays and the judge has been changed thrice.

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