India will not join the “thousand-ship plan” led by U.S.

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    Abstract: What is the “thousand-ship program”? This program is proposed by Mullen in November 2006, who is U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The basic concept is make the multiple countries Navy cooperate together as partner, and share the information on ocean, central control the maritime activities, in order to jointly cope with global crisis or conflict on ocean.

    Recently, one statement of the Indian Defense Ministry, the Defense Minister Antonio against India joining any multilateral organizations, including America’s “thousand-ship plan”, he said, unless such organization is established or madated by United Nations. India will be take part in regional maritime cooperation in terms of counter-terrorism and anti-piracy, but did not join any large-scale programs of multilateral organizations.

    But for U.S., as the opinion of the Joint Admiral Mullen, he proposed such a program because every country can friendly cooperate with other countries in the Navy, and they can deal with a variety of maritime threats together.

    But for some countries, they would consider the “thousand-ship program” is one method of U.S. to set up a joint navy force, so you can know why India refuse such a proposal.

    Anthony said, after neighboring Pakistan happened the terrorist attacks in naval base recently, the region arround Indian Ocean began to face more challenge, and with the unstable political situation of surrounding, India should prepare ready for battle all the time. But for the offshore safety, Anthony said India has made great progress with the neighboring countries in eliminating differences, but they still much works to do, and the multi-agency should cooperate together for more, not only in the maritime navy, but also in the defense communication.

    India will not join the “thousand-ship plan” led by U.S. | Global Military

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    Didn't Australia drop out of this long back??

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