India Today: Preview of Justice Srikrishna Committee Report on Telangana

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    Srikrishna Commission Report a Booster for Telangana Statehood: India Today

    Laying down a strong case for a separate state, the Commission on Telangana, according to the sources, has concluded that there is an overwhelming and emotionally charged demand for carving out Telangana state.

    One of the terms of reference of the commission was to examine the impact of recent developments in the state on different sections of people. The commission, headed by Justice B.N. Srikrishna, will submit its report by late December.

    The commission looked into 1.25 lakh representations and held wide-ranging consultations within the state before firming up its conclusions. The commission, following its terms of reference, will not specifically say whether a separate state should be formed, but will recommend a plan of action and roadmap for the future. Many of the findings of the commission will strengthen the demand for the state and give statistical backing to it.

    The second chapter of the commission report, which deals with development issues within the state, specifically mentions that the Telangana region has been historically neglected, and suggests that setting up a separate state will help bringing in development to the neglected region. Chapter 7, which looked into disparity in employment opportunities, says that job opportunities for the people from Telangana have improved during the last few years but are yet to reach desired levels.

    The commission is also not in favour of turning Greater Hyderabad into a union territory, as some leaders of the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party demand. These leaders argue that Hyderabad has a large number of settlers from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions and it cannot become part of Telangana state. The report also notes that there has been lack of political consensus on the issue.

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