India To Unlock Africa's Agribusiness Potential

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    India To Unlock Africa's Agribusiness Potential

    However, the ability and experience to develop and manage commercial farming and agribusiness ventures are largely lacking in the continent and that major technology transfer and capacity building would be necessary, van der Merwe avers.

    George Tonderai Marechera of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, a non-profit organisation that facilitates public-private partnerships for the access and delivery of appropriate agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers, says that it is hard to develop cassava production in Zambia due to challenges of machinery for planting, harvesting and processing.

    India has proposed to establish five India-Africa food processing business incubation centres in Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali and Uganda.

    India and Africa are implementing science and technology initiatives in knowledge transfer, common priority research areas and capacity building development. A Tanzanian delegation last month visited India and evinced keen interest in e-initiatives like the nationwide SMS portal to increase productivity and adopt the same in the country.

    Also at a meeting at the Research and Information Systems for Developing Countries last October, participants said African countries could learn from the way India has boosted the domestic production of seeds.

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    India can help African countries in all the sectors and make those countries to develop and have better lifes .

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