India to redraw boundary with Bangladesh

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    India to redraw boundary with Bangladesh

    Published: Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 ,By DNA Correspondent , New Delhi

    The union cabinet on Wednesday gave a green signal to the land boundary agreement (constitutional amendment) bill, thus clearing the first hurdle to redraw boundary with Bangladesh by exchanging adverse possession areas and enclaves.

    As foretold by DNA in February 9 issue, the LBA bill that has been retouched to accommodate some points suggested by the BJP is now expected to be tabled in the budget session of the parliament starting from February 21. The UPA government is confident of a smooth passage of the bill which can prove a trump card for India friendly Sheikh Hasina government and help her win a second term in 2013-14 elections.

    The constitutional amendment bill requires a majority of the total membership in each House of Parliament and a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting in each House of parliament.

    The LBA protocol that was signed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina in 2011, was hanging fire because the government has not been able to forge a consensus among the political parties.

    In November last year, the union cabinet had deferred a decision on the constitutional amendment bill after being pointed out the need to have political consensus.

    However, the ministry of external affairs managed to bring the political parties, especially the BJP, on the same page after several rounds of background briefings.

    "The parties seems to have understood the importance of the LBA bill and how crucial it s for India's strategic interests. Some of the proposed changes by them have been accommodated in the draft bill," said sources.

    Once the Indo-Bangladesh border gets demrcated according to the LBA, India would receive 2,777.038 acres from Bangladesh and will transfer 2267.682 acres back to it.

    The agreement will also effect exchange of enclaves where India will transfer 111 enclaves (17,160.63 acres) to Bangladesh and get back 51 enclaves spread over 7,110.2 acres.

    Can some shed light on this issue. what are gains for India. What where BJP`s issue with this bill and how they GoI has accomdated/amended this in BIll . Does some body know about .Please post it
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    i only hope after this demarcation India will fence the border thoroughly. Also when are we sending millions of Millions Bangladeshi immigrant back to BD.

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