India to open talks with Pak army, ISI chief

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    NEW DELHI: India has asked its envoy in Pakistan to open channels of communication with Pakistani army chief General Pervez Kayani as well as ISI chief Shuja Pasha, which, if he agrees, could open up new possibilities of deepening Indo-Pak engagement.

    "We have given the green signal," said government sources. As a new season of Indo-Pak engagement bursts upon the sub-continent, there is a realization that India's efforts to talk is incomplete because there is no communication with the Pakistani army — effectively the real power centre. The diplomatic outreach to General Kayani is under the rubric of engaging all stakeholders so as not to attract extra attention, but it's a special effort by India. However, Kayani is yet to respond to Indian overtures.

    Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani may accept Manmohan Singh's invitation to attend the World Cup cricket semi-final match in Mohali next week. While the event is not expected to significantly alter bilateral ties, it may clear the air. Certainly, on the Indian side, the initiative is entirely the prime minister's. Singh has completely invested in the idea that he should somehow resolve the Indo-Pak problem, despite the number of hiccups that have marred previous efforts.

    India remains hesitant about including the Pakistani army chief in the official dialogue because of a perceived difference in the relative importance between the army leadership in Pakistan and India. In India, the military brass is subordinated to the civilian leadership. In Pakistan, despite the facade of the civilian government, everybody is very clear about where the real power lies.

    In 2009, ISI chief, General Shuja Pasha attended an iftar dinner by Indian envoy to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal, which was seen to herald some kind of a thaw. Earlier, too, India had asked to engage the Pakistani army chief, but to little avail. The Pakistani army chief leads the strategic dialogue process with the US, which includes both civilian and military components in the talks. But India remains wedded to the civilian establishment, and has historically only engaged the Pakistani army chief after he has taken over power in a coup.

    Kayani is a different kettle of fish. Having declared to be "India centric", the chain-smoking quiet Pakistani army chief has generally been seen to be the most hostile army leader.

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    Laato ke bhoot se baat karne nikle hai. Same as what the US has been doing but I really wonder if in the Indo-Pak context talking with PA will help or not.
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    would sky will fell if we our PM`s do not talk to pakistan or carry out bilateral talks. why this people just donot understand whether we talk or not pakistan establishment would continue their strategy of thousands cuts untill we gave up and accept their all demands specially kashmir. so whether we talk or knot we would continue to get lots terrorist imported every year

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