India: The Democracy at stop!

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    India got independence on 15th August 1947. We got independence because of the collective

    effort of all the Indians. Organized structures were the need of hour at that moment, so that

    all the efforts could be utilized in a collective manner. For that reason, Congress, Muslim

    League, RSS, and other Social and Political groups came into existence.

    Yes, if these groups had not been there, we wouldn't have united for independence. We

    would just be fighting directionless in 'subas' and princely states. Mahatma Gandhi knew that

    the 2-nation theory came into existence because of the differences.. RSS, Muslim League and

    Congress seeded in the roots of Indian Society. For that sake he had told Jawahar Lal Nehru

    to demolish Indian National Congress after India gains independence. But, INC continued to

    be social party, and then the ruling political party.

    Some people say that INC was needed at that moment to keep India intact, and also to form

    policies for a new found Indian republic. Even I think the same. But what went wrong is, the

    powers just kept on sharing between elites. Because of Partition, a sense of Hinduvadi

    sentiment deepened in a normal Indian mind. The Mughals, Nizams, and other Muslim

    rulers continued to loose their identity. The Sikhs, Rajputs, Marathas and other Hindu

    ideology rulers maintained their position. It came in news that a female of Mughal Emperor

    Bahadur Shah Zaffar's lineage sells tea on Howrah Bridge in Kolkata.

    Hindu and Sikh rulers continued to enjoy a large favorability from the INC, RSS, and other

    organizations of the then Politics. A nexus between rulers and Political leaders started a

    really bad power sharing arrangement. Our constitution, though good, was never formed

    with far-sightedness, and became the major reason for power resting in the hands of some


    The Nehru-Gandhi and other political family, along with those flourishing business people

    started a system of Power corruption. It was easy to go utilize the power unaccountably

    because of huge 'inactive illiterate class'. Uncontrolled use of power kept on corroding the


    The emergency period was a crucial phase in Indian history. With huge youth participation,

    the first non-congress government came into power. The one thing it did good was, it

    amended the constitution and made it difficult for any government to impose emergency.

    Also, it gave rise to a number of smaller political groups. In the next elections, Congress again

    came into power, and that made us seriously think.. that can we really go towards 'serious

    democracy' where there are more political players in the field.

    The bureaucracy, the politics.. have grown with time into the main power

    handlers. There hasn't really been serious efforts by any civil class to resist such a power

    block. Those who have, have been subjected to cruelty of governmental machinery or else

    bribed money to keep silence.

    We have, with time trained to become slaves to the so-called big people on big posts. We

    have been made scared of the power handlers, as they are someone who can use any

    machinery against us. The sense of nationalism is lost with time, or may be its meaning has

    changed with time. Being loyal to the nation has now changed to being loyal to the

    government. May be, the changes in definitions of 'Nationalistic' and 'Patriotic' is the result of


    Anna Aandolan and many others like them, have suffered slow deaths. The awakened

    youth... still sleeps, hoping for some leader to come, hoping that there would be some good

    politician.. they will vote for. Its the most sad state for us, we aren't ready to take the

    initiative and be leaders ourselves.

    Yes, progress is slow in a Democracy. But which progress? Better roads, infrastructure, etc?

    Believe me, any government in the world would have made India progress to the level it is

    today. We are growing, no doubts, but our democracy is at a stop.

    The Bhai, Bhateeja, Jeeja, Sala, Beta things we notice at TV screens is the result of non-

    resisted benefits the elites and the political class have enjoyed over the years.
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    That is why I will fight for the panth, our 'democracy' stopped 40 years ago. Soon as bangla split, and Indira realized she could do whatever she wanted, it was over. A RAW agent told me it was run like a shadow government at the time, when I said wb today he said I've said too much.


    I am an Indiain through and through, but my country is not India. Besides, being a corporate fiction it means I am no vassal of the feudal lords residing in Delhi.

    *wannabe lords,
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    From my experience, somebody will begin to suggest to let Modi get power in this thread.
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    Forget It....Trace my IP if you can
    Does India have much of a choice...?

    Even for the worst of sceptics & agnostics, Modi is the Hobson's choice (as Ray Sir puts it).

    Better option among the few available....
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    Thats Deep ...

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