India-Sri Lanka Military Exercise in Himachal

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    Most aspects of a formal ddefense pact have been agreed upon but domestic compulsions on either side have prevented the final signing of the Defence Cooperation Agreement DCA.

    First ever platoon level combined military exercise between the two countries is currently underway at the Special Forces Training Centre at Nahan in Himachal Pradesh.

    India remains the preferred destination for training of Sri Lankan officers.

    In 2011-12, 820 SL undertook training in Indian Military Establishments.

    n the current year (2012-13), 870 officers are undergoing training in India. This includes two senior officers doing the prestigious National Defence College (NDSC) course in New Delhi.

    In February 2009, India also helped Sri Lanka open its Military Intelligence School in Kandy.

    India has quietly extended a 100 million dollars credit line to Colombo for purchase of non-lethal weapons.

    Since 2000, India has supplied 24 L-70 anti-aircraft guns, 11 USFM radars, 10 Mine Protected Vehicles and 24 Battlefield Surveillance Radars.
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    Sri lankan Army and Navy personals are send to Indian Military Academy usually, Whereas they Airforce personals are sended to China Airforce Academy.

    This must be the first time, Where Sri lankans participating military exercises with us in Himalayan region(Mountain Warfare)

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