India signs deal for Harpoon Block II missiles with US

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    BANGALORE: India has signed an agreement with the US government to purchase 24 Harpoon Block II missiles for its Jaguar strike aircraft, in a bid to ramp up its maritime warfare capability.

    Boeing country head, defence, space and security, Mr Vivek Lall told ET, “the deal was successfully concluded through the Foreign Military Sales route late last month, with Boeing as the prime contractor. The missiles are for the Indian Air Force’s maritime strike squadron.”

    The deal, expected to be worth about $170 million, has been on the cards for over two years now, with the Bush administration having wheeled out a sales notification during defence minister A K Antony’s visit to Washington in 2008. The US had also sold the same missiles to Pakistan.

    The Harpoon Block II is the latest version of the subsonic missile and is able to strike land-based targets and ships. It is an all-weather, over the horizon, anti-ship missile which can be launched from surface ships, submarines and aircraft.

    However, Lall said no agreement had been reached yet with regard to supplying the missile for P-8I, India’s long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. The P-8I is scheduled for delivery in 2013.

    “The final weapons package for the P-8I is yet to be decided, and will again be sold through the FMS route,” he said.

    According to the latest report of the Comptroller and Auditor General, the attack capability of the Navy’s depleted fighter aircraft fleet has been significantly eroded, as they have not been kept in full combat readiness, with the bombs fitted having become obsolescent.

    Mr Lall said the Phase II of the Apache and Chinook helicopter programmes for the IAF will be held in the US later in the year. Phase II will involve weapons integration field trials for both choppers.

    India signs deal for Harpoon Block II missiles with US - The Economic Times
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    Duplicate thread ! Same thread exists on missiles and aerospace ! Mod, please close either of two threads !
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    is it 24 missiles ?...harpoon reportedly cost 0.7ml by wiki , i think 240 missiles can be bought at the total cost of 170ml
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    24 missiles are no quantity at all. should be 240. Another deal with the US. hmmmm
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    The DSCA has said that India has requested a possible sale of 20 AGM-84L Harpoon Block II missiles; 4 ATM-84L Harpoon Block II Exercise missiles; containers; training devices; spare and repair parts.

    India has also asked for supply/technical support; support equipment; personnel training and training equipment; technical data and publications; US Government and contractor engineering and logistics support services; and other related elements of logistics support, the DSCA has said.

    India to buy Harpoon missiles worth $170 mn from US - Express India
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    it is a pity that india doesn't bother to wait for indegeneous alcm version of brahmos which is going to be ready in 2 years.
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    Get your stats properly, Testing for ALCM Brahmos is not yet carried, 2012 test of missile from Sukhoi will happen and in 2015 efforts frutify
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    Boeing to start building Indian Harpoons

    Tim Alexander, Program Manager, International Weapons Programs, Boeing Defense, Space and Security. Photo: Shashanka Nanda/StratPost

    US defense and aerospace company Boeing is to start building the the air-to-surface Harpoon missiles ordered by the Indian Air Force (IAF) for their Jaguar maritime patrol aircraft.

    Tim Alexander, Program Manager, International Weapons Programs for Boeing Defense, Space and Security told StratPost in mid-February, “We will start that work from within Boeing – the design aspects and our engineering staff will work it. We may not have a finalized contract by then but we will have a funding source,” adding, “They (US government) can give us money to start the work. Regardless of the final concluded contract. So we’re going to start work very soon – maybe by the end of this month or early next month.”

    Alexander also explained that even while this ad-hoc funding was underway, the contract for the Harpoon missiles for the Indian Jaguars would be signed (with the US Government) imminently. “We typically sign a contract sometime in February, sometime about right now, for all of the orders that are accumulated and in fact we are getting very close to signing the weapons contract sometime in the next month or so.”

    India will also be ordering Harpoon missiles for the navy’s P-8I long range maritime patrol aircraft, for which the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) had issued a notification to the US Congress last December.

    Alexander says that while the missiles are the same, the weapons for the P-8I aircraft might not be buit at the same time because ‘they are in a different time-phasing of programs’.

    And while the US Navy hasn’t purchased any Harpoons since the ‘early nineties’, he says the Indian order for both aircraft types will be fulfilled with Harpoon Block II missiles, standardized in 2001.

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