India sets up 24-hour Ebola emergency helpline

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    India sets up 24-hour Ebola emergency helpline

    NEW DELHI: As the World Health Organisation on Friday issued a global health emergency due to Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak, the government opened a 24-hour emergency helpline and said it has put in place the "most advanced surveillance and tracking system".

    All infected patients in the national capital will be treated at Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, a health ministry statement said.

    Health minister Harsh Vardhan, however, said there was no reported case in India and one traveller, who landed in New Delhi on July 20 and was confirmed by the WHO as a case of EVD, was found to be healthy. He had been traced to Dwarka in south-west Delhi.

    "There is no cause for panic. We have put in operation the most advanced surveillance and tracking systems," he said in a statement.

    The 24-hour 'Emergency Operation Centre' will be functional from tomorrow and its numbers are 011-23061469, 3205 and 1302, the ministry said.
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    While there have been no cases reported here, we've already lost 300 crpf men to the virus :(

    Ebola threat looms large, Government on high alert | India News Analysis and Op-Ed Commentary | Politics | Governance | Economic Freedom | National Interest
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    India among top 5 financial contributors to Ebola response

    India is among the top five contributers to the UN Ebola response with a contribution of USD 12.5 million, according to a fact sheet released by US Secretary of State John Kerry here. The US with USD 113.8 million tops the list to the UN Ebola response. It is followed by the European Union (USD 55.5 million), Canada (USD 31.9 million) , Netherlands (21 million) and India with USD 12.5 million. At a joint news conference with British counterpart Philip Hammond, Kerry lamented that many nations have contributed to this global effort to fight the deadly disease. The UN has identified USD1 billion in urgent needs, he said. "The World Bank has put in 22 per cent. The USA has put in 11 per cent. Private sector, 10 per cent," he said. The fact sheet presented by him showed that India has contributed a little over one percent, to this. "The fact is more countries can and must step up in order to make their contributions felt, and this chart tells the story. Those are not enough countries to make the difference to be able to deal with this crisis," he said in his presentation. The UN, he said, is falling short of USD300 million. Experts say Ebola is transmitted by close contact with the bodily fluids of a person who is showing symptoms of infection such as fever, aches, vomiting and diarrhea, or who has recently died of the hemorrhagic virus. The world's largest outbreak of Ebola has killed 3,865 people out of 8,033 infected so far this year, according to the WHO's latest count.
    India among top 5 financial contributors to Ebola response | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
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    Babudom of India
    What in the actual ---- are Indian forces doing in another continent working for a BS nominally independent pseudo-organization called UN ?
    What business does Indian crpf personnel have in Liberia, a country pulled out of the magic hat by the US, a country that was populated by freed American slaves, and whose capital, Monrovia is named after the ex-POTUS James Monroe, the dude who kicked out the slaves.
    Do you think points are awarded based on how many soldiers are sent for "peacekeeping missions". Then pakistan would get the most points I think. Money is what actually talks.

    Hopefully people returning from Africa, back to their home countries are carefully monitored for symptoms. But I don't think India has such large scale monitoring capabilities, in case shit hits the fan.
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