India sees a new friend in Brazil

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    India sees a new friend in Brazil

    NEW DELHI: India is looking for a new defence partner in Brazil as the two countries are poised to take their strategic ties to new levels.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent visit to the Latin American giant has paved the way for heralding a new era to bring defence establishments of the two countries to launch new projects.

    One such joint venture (JV) is already in pipeline, under which Indian defence scientists are using Brazilian Embraer aircraft to make a home grown “eye in the sky” system. Indian radars are being placed in the Brazilian aircraft to make aerial early warning (AEW) command and control system.

    According to the Ministry of Defence, this system would be ready by middle of next year. The first delivery by Embraer is likely to take place by the end of this year. Seeing the potential of taking forward this relationship, the two sides have decided to appoint defence attaches in respective countries.

    Brazilian security expert Sergio Ricardo sees a possibility of holding an Indo-Brazil joint exercise in the coming years. “But we have to start as soon as possible, joint exercises would be very useful,” he said.

    The Indian Defence Research Organisation’s (DRDO) deal with Embraer is expected to open more horizons for the Brazilian aviation giant.

    Ricardo, an aviation historian, who is writing a book on airborne early warning command and control systems, claimed that the Indian contract will further expand the potential of such an airplane.

    EMB-145 AEW-C platforms are already operational with the Swedish Erieye radar, which is being used by Brazilian, Greek and Mexican air forces. But he said that the AEW radar and electronic suite developed by the DRDO had many new features compared to those of the Erieye.

    The Erieye has well-known AN/APY- 1/2 radars, which have many advantages as they have a better electronic survey capabilities.

    The delivery schedule chalked out for the delivery of Indo-Brazil AEW platform does not seem to be realistic though and delays were expected.
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    India has to be more aggressive in selling its wares in defence fields. Like i said in a thread in DFI HQ there are many systems india has that can be converted to defence sales, JVs etc. Brazil like india is on a march and is also looking to gain reputation on the world stage. Mutual cooperation with Brazil will help both countries. As it is we have been cooperating in diplomatic initiatives a la BRIC,, UNSC.
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    Future world after the fall of Imperial unkil will be multi polar. No one can rule the world as like that. Brazil, Russia like countries are very important to have a god relation and to have the strategic hold in the global affair and that can be achieved only by he good defense relation with the nations and we need to be rite on the path.
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    Brazil want to make nuke sub, may be they want some tech collaboration into this area.

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