India, Russia to take part in naval exercise

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    NEW DELHI: After spending nearly 10 days in the western Pacific where they performed a variety of drills with the US Navy, a group of Indian warships are now moving up north to Vladivostok to begin another practice session, this time with the Russians.

    The Naval sources reported that the destroyer INS Delhi and two R-class frigates - Ranvijay and Ranvir - will take nearly 10 days from now to reach Vladivostok for Indra (Indo-Russian) 2011 after having wrapped up Indo-US Malabar 2011 during which tasks like search and seizure, maritime strike and air defence maneuvers were carried out. Malabar 2011 took place east of the Luzon Strait away from Okinawa, in which a mix of US warships and submarines were deployed. The US Pacific Fleet had sent USS Stethem, Reuben James and nuclear powered attack submarine.

    The back to back exercise closer to China has been one of the longest deployments of warships this season. The Malabar series were played down as the government did not want to highlight proximity with the US Armed Forces. The theatre of action for Indra 2011 has also been shifted to the east. During the last edition, Indian warships had travelled to the Baltic.

    The officers said that change of location had nothing to do with giving any kind of message. It was aimed at giving a different exposure to the personnel.

    The officers said it would still take two weeks for the ships to begin Indra exercise and its scope was still being finalised by the two sides. Two major exercises with different navies are going to be a good training experience for the crew. The world’s two biggest Navies function very differently, said the officers.

    During Malabar, Indian and US warships also practised formation maneuvering, helicopter cross deck evolutions and also how to respond to manage disaster by providing humanitarian assistance. The officers said that similar procedures would also be performed with the Russians.

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