India provides Nepal Rs 1.9 crore for school buildings

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    India provides Nepal Rs 1.9 crore for school buildings

    Kathmandu (PTI): Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood on Saturday handed over two newly-constructed school buildings worth Rs 1.96 crore to the local communities here.

    The school buildings for Sri Amar Singh Model Higher Secondary School in Pokhara and Nilkantha Campus in Dhading Besi district west of Kathmandu were built with Rs 1.96 crore grant provided by government of India under its educational infrastructure upgradation programme.

    Nilkantha Campus is among the reputed educational institutions in Dhading district. Established as the first community college in the district in 2000, it has now 2,100 students.

    Sri Amar Singh Model Higher Secondary School of Pokhara established in 1957 is recognised as a model school in western Nepal. The newly built library building with the help of India will cater to the needs of over 2,000 students of the school.

    These buildings stand as a symbol of friendship between Nepal and India, a statement issued by the Indian Embassy said.

    India-Nepal economic cooperation programme has an outlay of over NRs 2500 crores with more than 330 large and small projects currently being implemented in all districts of Nepal in the sectors of education, health, and infrastructure development.

    The Hindu News Update Service

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    Good job. But even our school buildings need a bit care from the govt. Many state governments are neglecting it. Hope the TN educational policy during the 60s be brought again all over India.
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    Your'e right about that,we need to ramp up the education system across the country.

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