India praises Afghanistan authorities for rescuing consulate worker

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    India praises Afghanistan authorities for rescuing consulate worker

    India today expressed gratitude and appreciation to Afghan authorities for the professionalism and alacrity with which they acted against the abductors of a local employee of the Indian consulate in Jalalabad.

    A day after Afghan national Abdol Wadud escaped following three days of captivity, the ministry of external affairs said all possible assistance will be rendered to him by the Consulate General of India.

    Wadud was being treated for injuries he sustained when the kidnappers fired at him.

    "An investigation is currently ongoing. At this stage details of the abduction, search and rescue operation and identity or the motive of the abduction are not available. Nevertheless, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Afghan authorities...," the MEA said in a statement.

    Wadud was abducted by a group of armed men in Jalalabad after being shot and injured on Saturday, and he escaped on Monday night.

    Wadud's father Abdorrauf Khan was quoted as saying by the Peshawar-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency that his son managed to escape from the house where he had been kept by his abductors in Spin Jumat village in Chaparhar district.

    "He informed police with the help of locals and he returned," Khan was quoted as saying.

    He said that his son was injured when the kidnappers fired at him and his health was better now.

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