India, Pakistan asked to add cruise missiles to Lahore MoU

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    A Canadian-led panel of retired civilian and military officials from India and Pakistan has called upon the two countries to update the Lahore memorandum of understanding on easing tensions between them.

    Called the Ottawa Dialogue and led by University of Ottawa professor Peter Jones, the initiative is part of track-II diplomacy to defuse problems between the two neighbours. Started last year, the Ottawa Dialogue has held three meetings – in Ottawa, Bangkok and Copenhagen.

    In its report after the Copenhagen meeting two weeks ago, the group called upon New Delhi and Islamabad to widen the scope of the Lahore MoU, signed during Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s visit to Lahore in February 1999, to include new-generation missiles.

    The MoU binds the two nations, among other things, to give advance notification of ballistic missile tests.

    ‘But there were no cruise missiles in the arsenal of the two countries when the MoU was signed in 1999. So we are asking them to include cruise missiles so that anyone undertaking cruise missile tests informs the other side. This is part of our overall efforts to stabilise their nuclear relationship,’ Jones told IANS.
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    looks loke colonial mentality still playing in those bloody goras mind.
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    Actually I don't even know what was the need to have the Lahore declaration in the first place. India tests missile off the east coast. It's Pak job to inform India of any test so that India does not assume it's under attack. But it helps India in another way. We can have a set up ready to analyze any launch using our monitoring equipment.

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