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    Hello Friends,

    We all must have read recent news about Lieutenant General Alok Kler cycling all the way from Delhi to Jaipur to take over his new charge of South Western Command. According to him, the words 'Army and Fitness' are synonymous. The General’s passion for fitness and cycling is well known in army circles. When he was heading an elite strike corps in Ambala last year, Kler was known to cycle up to 300km a night to visit troops serving in various formations under him.

    The Significance of Bicycles might not be quantified on a Hi Tech Warfare battleground. But I believe it could play a vital role in maintaining fitness & operational readiness of any human being.

    Cycling is a:
    Mobility Machine
    Fitness machine
    Recreation Machine
    Romance Machine​

    Cycling if adopted more in our daily public lives can make us healthier, reduce pollution and there would be far reaching benefits to the economy and mankind. Let us encourage use of Cycling and make our lives healthier, better and cleaner !!!

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