India objects to Jay Leno's remark on Golden Temple.

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    India objects to Jay Leno's remark on Golden Temple.
    Press Trust of India, Updated: January 23, 2012 11:34 IST

    Washington: India has strongly "objected" to the remark on the Golden Temple by popular US television host Jay Leno, terming it "quite unfortunate".

    Jay Leno, the host of the popular "The Tonight Show" on NBC channel, flashed a picture of the Golden Temple, the holiest Sikh shrine, in Amritsar on his programme and termed it as a possible summer home of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

    The visiting NRI Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi yesterday "objected" to the remark and said he has directed Indian Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao to take up the matter with the State Department.

    "It is quite unfortunate and quite objectionable that such a comment has been made after showing the...Golden temple," Mr Ravi told a group of Indian reporters.

    "Golden temple is Sikh community's most sacred place. Even our Prime Minister went there for praying in the New Year. I believe that the person who has shown is not that ignorant. The American Government should also look at this kind of thing," the NRI Affairs Minister said.

    "I wish this kind of thing is not shown by any media in the US," Mr Ravi said, adding that he has not seen the show personally and has heard about it from the Sikh community.
    "Freedom does not mean hurt the sentiments of others... This is not acceptable to us and we take a very strong objection for such a display of an important place like Golden temple," Mr Ravi said.

    "The Embassy is fully aware of it and they will take it up," he said.

    The comment on Jay Leno's January 19 show has resulted in an outrage in the small but strong Sikh community here. They have launched an online petition against him and have started a Face Book page to express their anger against him.

    Jay Leno himself was not immediately available for comment.

    India objects to Jay Leno's remark on Golden Temple
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    I saw the show. There was nothing unusually offensive about it than the usual American ignorance. Just a dumb, bad, uninformed choice in picture selection.
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    I stopped watching Jay Leno long back, he isn't very funny.
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