India not yet ready to sign defence pacts

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    NEW DELHI: US defence ware manufacturers may be looking forward to the visit of President Barack Obama to seal billion dollar deals, but New Delhi is yet not ready to sign pacts that are necessary for sales to go through.

    The long-pending Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), Communication and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA), Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for geo-spatial cooperation (Beca) are crucial for the execution of defence deals between the two countries. It may be recalled that Lockheed Martin and Boeing are participating in the world’s single-largest $12-billion defence deal for supplying 126 fighter jets, F-16 and F-18, to the Indian Air Force .

    Although the two sides have been negotiating on these agreements for the past three years, New Delhi is worried that these pacts could have adverse impact on its other allies like Russia . While the LSA would allow Indian and American forces, aircraft and ships to obtain logistics from each others’ bases, CISMOA would enable transfer of high technology.

    “These (proposed pacts) are something brand new for us. We are not used to dealing with such agreements. We have to see whether this is a feasible route,” national security advisor Shivshankar Menon told reporters on Saturday evening.
    The issue has been figuring in all high level interactions. US defence secretary Robert Gates has been repeatedly seeking conclusion of talks on this agreement. The issue had figured prominently in defence minister AK Antony’s talks with his hosts in Washington early this month.
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    CISMOA is code for... Controlling Indian Systems Making One Attendant
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    we should not sign at least CISMOA and Beca i do not think they are of any use to us. we may sign LSA. by the way can an one tell me which other country had sign this agreement with USA?
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    I don't see what's the big disappointment with Obamamaniacs in Indian news media that are crawling with stupid self-appointed intellectual terrorists. The IAF chief PV Naik has said that CISMOA and LSA are no need and won't affect IAF operations since our war doctrine is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from US or standard NATO combat protocols. Then what's the big media pressure on this already not-so-reliable-and-weak government for? I think the media channels should be scanned thoroughly for lobby agents who're inserted. These people have no sense of dignity or nationalism in them and work for anyone with cash. Media freedom is becoming media terrorism in India today.

    BIG DEAL that we're not toeing the US line. We're not paying billions to Americans for operating in conditions that favour them. It is a PURE BUSINESS deal; you sell, we buy. Period. If you can't do that, it is not like we're running out of suppliers or cannot make some ourselves for other areas of defence.

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