India No. 1 in Facebook Censures

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    India Tops Facebook's Bugs List for Second Consecutive Year - Report

    Indian-based security researchers uncovered the greatest number of malfunctions on Facebook in 2014, the social network's "Annual Bug Bounty" report revealed on Thursday.

    "India contributed the largest number of valid bugs again this year at 196, with an average reward of $1,343," Facebook's post by Collin Greene, security engineer at Facebook, said.

    According to the 2013 edition of the report, India also topped the Bug Bounty Program with 136 bugs found.

    This year, Egypt and the United States came in second and third place, with 81 and 61 bugs found respectively. On average, bug hunters in Egypt received rewards of $1,220 whereas in the US this figure was $2,470.

    The UK was the fourth by number of bugs, managing to earn on average $2,768 for 28 bugs uncovered.

    India Tops Facebook's Bugs List for Second Consecutive Year - Report / Sputnik India English - News, Opinion, Radio

    The Philippines was fifth, earning a total of $29,500 for 27 bugs.

    The post added that this system enables security monitoring and management keep up with the times and successfully cope with the issues it encounters.
    "Report volume is at its highest levels, and researchers are finding better bugs than ever before," Greene said.

    The Facebook program aimed at bug fighting was started in 2011. Since then, the website has paid out over $3 million to security researchers from all over the world who detect and eliminate bugs, for instance, software incompatibility and privacy threats.

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