India may export nuke-reactors to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

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    Kolkata, Oct 6 (PTI) The Nuclear Power Development Corporation of India is in talks with some countries of the Asia-Pacific region for the sale of its mainstay 220 MWe and 540 MWe reactors, its chairman S K Jain said today. "We are having detailed discussions (about sale of the reactors) with Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam," Jain told newsmen on the sidelines of a technical session at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre auditorium here.
    NPCIL, which has two models of Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PWHR) on sale, has signed an MOU with a company in Kazakhstan on the export of the reactors and it was in its "final phase", Jain said. India had moved a resolution in 2007 at the IAEA General Conference of Member States in Vienna to enable export of small reactors.
    The country had been targeting exports of indigenous PHWRs to developing nations that wanted nuclear power, but were constrained by small grids. The 220 MWe reactors, according to sources, were particularly useful for countries with small grids and it involved relatively low investments.
    Major developers of nuclear reactors in the European Union and North America have moved on to reactor size of 700 MWe or 1,000 MWe and above.

    India may export nuke-reactors to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam - Yahoo! India News
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    Good news. INDIA should also try to open Defence bases to monitor the Chinese developments.........
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    Who will give the nuclear fuel?

    What is the legal position vis a vis the NSG?
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    Thorium is lot out there in the Vietnam and Malaysia have a some chunks of Thorium with them. Malaysia reserves is quite high. Also unkil may give them the Uranium :D
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    Great news! I think that it is about time we consider exporting indigenous reactors as well and bring well deserved income into our country. Thorium reactors will be a breakthrough in the Uranium and Plutonium dominated market and will be one of a kind achievement. Southeast and South Asia are rich in thorium which means they don't have to worry about their own fuel which can also be exported by us if necessary.

    Regarding NSG's position, I think that they're fine with us trading. Remember that we were cleared to trade in nuclear energy and trade is a 2-way traffic: buy as well as sell. Southeast seems to have signed the NPT except maybe Burma which was reported to be interested in nuclear weapons.. or maybe it has signed that I'm not sure. Nevertheless, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and even Laos offer tremendous potential to our nuclear exports and offer a niche market which we should grab before Chinese creep in here as well.

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