India, Japan and US holdtrilateral dialogue

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    PTI Washington, May 02,

    India, Japan and the US held
    their fourth tri-lateral dialogue
    in which they discussed wide
    range of regional and global
    issues of mutual interest,
    including prospects of greater Indo-Pacific commercial
    connectivity. "These discussions focused on
    the prospect of greater Indo- Pacific commercial
    connectivity," state
    department spokesman Patrick
    Ventrell said at his daily news
    conference. A readout of the meeting later
    in the day said the discussions
    focused on the prospect of
    greater Indo-Pacific
    commercial connectivity and
    regional and maritime security, and cooperation in multilateral
    fora. "All sides welcomed the frank
    and comprehensive nature of
    the discussions and agreed the
    talks help advance shared
    values and interests," the State
    Department said. The group agreed to meet
    again in the fall in Tokyo to
    continue their deliberations. The meeting was co-chaired by
    the Assistant Secretary of State
    for South and Central Asia
    Robert O Blake, and acting
    Principal Deputy Assistant
    Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs James P
    Zumwalt. The Japanese delegation was
    headed by Deputy Vice Foreign
    Minister for Foreign Policy
    Kenji Hiramatsu and Deputy
    Director-General Kanji
    Yamanouchi, while the Indian delegation was headed by joint
    secretaries in the external
    affairs ministry DB Venkatesh
    Varma and Vikram Doraiswami.

    India, Japan and US hold trilateral dialogue - Hindustan Times

    I think timing of this tri lateral meet is very crucial and there is much more to it than what is presented in this veiled article, what say @Singh ???
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