India, Israel Defence Secretary-level talks from December 3

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    India, Israel Defence Secretary-level talks from December 3 - The Economic Times
    NEW DELHI: India and Israel areexpected to discuss the progress in their joint military projects including air defence systems and specialised radars during Defence Secretary-level talks starting on December 3 here.
    Israeli Defence Ministry's Director General Maj Gen Ehud Shani will be in India to take part in the meeting of Indo- Israel Joint Working Group on defence cooperation with Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma, ministry officials said here.
    The two countries, who have developed very close military ties in the last 10-15 years, hold this meeting annually and discuss the ongoing and futuremilitary cooperation projects.
    The two countries are workingon several important projects including the Rs 10,000 crore Long Range Surface to Air Missile programme for the Navy and the Medium Range Surface to Air Missile project for the Army.
    India is also progressing the case for buying two more Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) as thefollow-on order for the three already inducted by the IAF.
    In recent years, the DRDO has also been working very closely with Israeli firms for joint development projects including sophisticated radars and surveillance systems.
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