India is World's 3rd Largest Internet User

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    A Hindustan Times write-up says that India is now the third largest Internet user-base in the world, as claimed by Google India's Head of Products Vinay Goel. The first one in the list is China with 300 million users, then U.S. at 207 million. India comes in third at with 100 million people entangled in the digital web.

    What is more important to note is that 40 percent of those 100 million are accessing the net through their cell phones. Vinay's estimate is that by two years, the number of mobile Internet users will surpass those using PCs. That's a big contrast from 2007 - only three years ago, when the nation had just two million users. He stated that there's a major scope for improvement for the mobile Internet market, as the 40 million mobile Internet users comprise of only 8 percent of the total number of people using cell phones in general. Finally, Goel said that Indian internet users search for songs the most.

    For detailed statistics, we'd recommend you to check out this Wikipedia page about Global Internet Usage. It just shows the massive population of the country; as these 100 million people constitute just 8.5 percent of the entire nation's population! This news is in a way ironic too - it is the end of 2010 and all of us are yet to use 3G Internet even as we see the world slowly progressing to 4G. Also, Internet costs in India are comparatively expensive to the Western regions and the cap on the cheaper data-plans is fairly low.
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    and this is when india as whole isn`t yet connected with dedicated connection for internet i mean to say about 3 tier cities/towns and off-course rural india . there is lots potential for private cos to exploit but there lack of attutide and short sightness . they want that basic infrastructure to be born by governments on that they would use as a springboard to made huge profit :angry_10:

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