India is stuck in a hostile neighbourhood: Brajesh Mishra

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    Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine

    The Congress government led by the late PV Narasimha Rao had, in fact, made all the preparations for conducting nuclear tests way back in 1995 to the extent that its successor the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government had to just press buttons to get things moving. Giving due credit to Rao for giving a go ahead to scientists, former National Security Advisor (NSA) Brajesh Mishra here on Thursday stated that the country was ready for a nuclear detonation when the NDA assumed office. Shafts had been constructed; detonators and a bomb were all in place. Rao had to put it off, as Americans got a whiff of the plan.

    “When we came to power, we enquired from scientists, who told us they were in a ready position. We wanted tests as early as possible. But, then President KR Narayanan was touring the USA and other countries. He returned on May 10, hence the tests were conducted on the following day on May 11,” he told a select audience at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) at a seminar on modernisation of the navy in Asia.

    Painting a grim picture of the state of national security, Mishra said the country was not prepared to face a military alliance between China and Pakistan. Identifying, military power, better intelligence and peace with neighbours as important ingredients of security, he said that unfortunately for India it was stuck between hostile neighbours.

    “Today the situation is that China supports Pakistan. I consider them as enemies, but one of our friends the United States also helps Pakistan the same way. They have been pumping a $20 billion-aid providing F-16s, which can be used against us,” he told the seminar co-hosted by the RAND Corporation.

    Mishra said China was encircling India by its pro-active approach not only in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), but in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal. There is a plan to make India an insignificant power. He noted that over the past two-three years, Chinese Army, think tanks etc have become aggressive. Advocating a joint US, Japanese, Australian and Indian efforts to contain Beijing, the former security advisor said China was also working to edge out Americans from Asia and Europe. “Neither India nor the US wants confrontation with China. We all want to manage China’s rise. One can use East Asian forums to have multilateral dialogues with China,” he said.

    Describing the situation as dangerous for India, Mishra said all governments have tried to have good relations with Pakistan and China. He said Atal Bihari Vajpayee had started a mechanism of special representatives to address border issues in an overall framework of a strategic relationship. But, he added that Beijing did not want a border settlement. “They have got stuck on Tawang and want settlement of eastern sector. They were told to let us also discuss western sector. But they said no,” he maintained. Mishra said that increased trade with China didn’t assure peace.

    Echoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s call to stand on our own feet, Mishra said that there was none in the world to come to the assistance of India in times of a military conflict. “We are in a very dangerous situation and next few years from here could be worse than what we faced in 1963,” he prophesied.

    Describing an antiquated acquisition system and a Bofors syndrome a major ailment afflicting national security system, he said political leadership for the fear of scams was indecisive or delay decisions till the systems become obsolete. He said the Army was crying for 155 mm guns, but the government does not want to touch Bofors, which saved the country in Kargil war in 1999. He said the decision on the 126 multi-role combat aircrafts was also being delayed. “Till they are supplied, they would have already turned obsolete,” he added.

    Lamenting that key recommendations of the Arun Singh committee on defence restructure on the appointment of chief of defence staff (CDS) was not being acted upon he said, “I don’t know why Vajpayee government and the current UPA did not want to implement. Maybe they are afraid that the Army may take over. But these fears in Indian context are unfounded,” Mishra added
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    India is plagued by its slow machinery which hurts it the most. 2 years now and the hotline has not been established from Indian side to chinese where as chinese gave it to India within on month of the agreement. India only have a hotline with russia and that too very old and outdated, provided russia is not a chuddy buddy of India anymore.
    Indian govt anticipates of situation improving on its own and they should wait and watch till time force them to act in urgency. what happens in this case is that many opportunities are lost and the action they take in the end is expensive and not worthy of any strategic gain. they are just face saver in end and not a significant players.
    well not giving out any white paper or lacking a vision to perform perform-able task is big big mistake in Indian machinery.
    sleazy non willing and dis-interested people in subordinate system are biggest culprit the action and decision if taken by the upper machinery is not implemented by lower circle.
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    China's government must be cynical to support Pakistan when Uighurs want independence.
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    In the contrary, China's gov is very progmatic as both china and Pak have a hugh common interest: India.

    If you look at your "friend"-USA, they are playing the same game: use Pak to check india's influence in south asia while use india to check china's power in Asia.

    This is the BIG GAME.

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    The Chinese rise has brought India and USA's interests more closely alligned. Containing China is an economic priority for the Western world's survival much more so then containing India. The Chinese rise has brought 20% unemployment and cheap low quality goods for US what other benefits have come with it are questionable nothing like Nixon and Kissenger dreamed off. Using the Chinese to bring Soviet Union down also did not workout. Russia is a major energy and economic and nuclear power after the collapse. A completely flawed policy that has only brought economic decline.

    The Alliance: U.S. & India Sign Major 10-Year Defense Pact - Winds of Change.NET

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