India is largest arms buyer

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    LONDON: India has emerged as the world's largest importer of major conventional weapons worldwide, according to new data on international arms transfers published on Monday. The top five importers of major conventional weapons worldwide are all in Asia: India (12% of global imports), China (6%), Pakistan (5%), South Korea (5%) and Singapore (4%).

    India's arms imports were 109% higher than those of China, the second biggest arms importer. India imported 59% more arms in 2008-12 than in 2003-2007, according to the data released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Asia and Oceania have accounted for almost half (47%) of global imports of major conventional weapons.

    The institute's release said India improved its long-range military capabilities in 2008-12 with the import of over 100 Su-30MKI combat aircraft from Russia, three A-50EhI airborne early warning aircraft (combining components from Israel, Russia and Uzbekistan), an Akula nuclear-powered submarine from Russia and the first of eight P-8I anti-submarine warfare aircraft from the United States.

    Meanwhile, China replaced UK as the world's fifth largest exporter of major conventional arms worldwide, according to SIPRI. This is the first time China figures in top five of arms exporters since the end of Cold War. Overall, the volume of international transfers of major conventional weapons grew by 17% between 2003-2007 and 2008-12.

    Pakistan accounted for 55% of Chinese arms exports and is likely to remain the largest recipient of Chinese arms in the coming years due to large outstanding and planned orders for combat aircraft, submarines and frigates from China. Last year also saw the commissioning of China's first aircraft carrier, Liaoning.

    The five largest suppliers of major conventional weapons during the five-year period 2008-12 were the United States (30%), Russia (26%), Germany (7%), France (6%) and China (5%). This is the first time the UK does not figure in the top five since at least 1950, the earliest year covered by SIPRI data. China's displacement of the UK is the first change in the composition of the top five exporters in 20 years.

    The volume of Chinese exports of major conventional weapons rose by 162% between 2003-07 and 2008-12, and its share of the volume of international arms exports increased from 2% to 5%.

    "China's rise has been driven primarily by large-scale arms acquisitions by Pakistan," said Dr Paul Holtom, director of the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme. "However, a number of recent deals indicate that China is establishing itself as a significant arms supplier to a growing number of important recipient states," he added.

    Austerity seems to have bit into the European arms market as deliveries to European countries fell by 20% between 2003-2007 and 2008-12. Other notable developments show Russia accounted for 71% of exports of major weapons to Syria in 2008-12 and continues to deliver arms and ammunition. The Arab states accounted for 7% of world arms imports in 2008-2012. Imports by North African states increased by 350% between 2003-2007 and 2008-12, which was almost entirely responsible for a doubling (by 104%) in imports by Africa as a whole.

    India is top arms buyer, China unseats UK as 5th largest seller - The Times of India
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    but why we are seeing nothing in our inventory
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    No-1 Importer is the cause of concern & should be ashamed of country having aspiration to become powerhouse in future

    But still we have No new 155mm howitzer , IAF sqadron strength all time low , Army has no ammo , Navy submarine 60%+ is outdated , even after huge import we lack in many important area
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    We order weapons -> we pay money -> we demand kickbacks -> foreign co returns money in kickbacks -> co gets blacklisted -> weapons stay where they are -> cycle restart


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