India is friend, Pakistan twin brother: Karzai

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by Sridhar, Mar 12, 2010.

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    [​IMG]Afghan President Hamid Karzai is seen during a joint press conference with ...

    Islamabad: Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday described India as a friend and Pakistan as twin brother of Afghanistan, which could not be stable without Islamabad's cooperation.

    India has gone out of the way to help Afghanistan. But Pakistan is twin brother of Afghanistan and without cooperation from Pakistan, there could be no stability, Karzai said at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani here.

    'We are fighting against terrorism; I brought message from people of Afghanistan to the people of Pakistan,' he said and assured Pakistani leaders that his country would never allow its soil to be used against Pakistan, Geo News reported.

    Karzai said, 'We want future with no terrorism' and peace is not likely to be restored in Afghanistan without the help from Pakistan.

    Gilani said that Pakistan will enhance its cooperation with Afghanistan to eliminate the terrorism and bilateral ties between the two countries would be furthered.

    The prime minister said Pakistan will extend all possible help to Afghanistan for its reconstruction and the trade volume between the two countries would also be ramped up.

    'We want to take the strategic partnership with Afghanistan forward,' he said.
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    And most Pakistani call him the dictator and the Taliban the "freedom fighters"

    They want the Taliban back in power.
    Thy wont be happey as long as he associates with India as friend.

    Besides all this, A stable Afghanistan without the Taliban mean One day the Afghans are going to build a strong anda stable nation and when they look back at history as why they got such a bad deal that is took them nearly half a century to get back on track.
    They will look for someone to balme and that blame may spread to many nations, Including the US, the Soviets, and even India. But ti will inevitably come to Pakistan
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    Well India seems to be rethinking its Afgan strategy and there were even reports that India is considering a pull back, so its natural for Karzai to align with the winning side. Pakistan has shown complete resolve in Afganistan, while India has not.
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    This shows the weak foreign policy of the government. If we are lost in A'stan that means we are really scr*wed and need to wait for a massive invasion from the west
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    Just humoring the pakistanis nothing else. Karzai more than anyone else is the first to blame pakistan for any attack on indian interests in Astan. What I read into his statement reminds me of an old saying, friends are by choice, family is by chance. Afghans have chosen their friends, but the they can't help it that they have bothers like pakistan. They have to live with the reality. And in this age bhai bhai ka nahi hota. Its very much the same with those two countries. Pakistanis may also try to call them brothers but have told in no uncertain terms that they want Astan to be their backyard and want strategic depth in that country. So much for brotherly love. Afghans better maintain an arms length with pakistan.
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    Sadly the twin brother has been " instrumental" in creating the present state of affairs in Afghanistan.
    After 1989 IF Pakistan would have left Afghans alone , Afghanistan would have been in much better shape.

    But hatred for India led to the creation of Taliban. and the rest is history.

    I strongly believe that the CURSES of afghan people , especially afghan women who have been brutalised by Taliban are hurting PAKISTAN.
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    A funny statement from the Afghan president. I am surprised to see a twin brother that burns down his own brother country through promoting Islamist terrorism and fundamentalism while a fellow developing country gave off more than a billion dollars is only regarded a friend. Afghanistan is getting complicated by the day with NATO choosing to appease Taliban by the day and Afghan president giving in to Taliban like this. I won't have taken this statement seriously had it been said by a Pakistani leader but this is uncalled for and unexpected. Time for us to re-think our aid donation campaign.

    The forthcoming allotment of a billion dollars has sufficient places in India itself where it could do miracles rather than wasting them on a country who considers its destroyer greater than its contributor.
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