India Invites Pla Warships For Fleet Review

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    India invites PLA warships for fleet review

    NEW DELHI: India has invited Chinese warships for its International Fleet Review (IFR) early next year, even though it remains concerned about the expanding footprint of the People's Liberation Army (Navy) in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

    "PLA Navy's activities are minutely monitored by the Indian Navy. Our belief is that it's the Indian Navy's responsibility to protect the IOR and our coastlines. Our warships, submarines and aircraft are always on alert to ensure our maritime interests are protected," said Admiral Robin Dhowan, after the naval commanders' conference ended here on Thursday.

    Playing down China's recent white paper on defence, which ominously vows to increase its "open seas protection" far from its shores, the Navy chief said it was "normal and natural" for every military force to plan for the entire spectrum of conflict from defence to offence.

    India is trying to counter China's forging of deep maritime links with eastern Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia, among others in the IOR, over the last decade.

    But it's also building bridges of maritime cooperation with China to ensure the ongoing competition does not turn into conflict in the IOR. Towards this end, Chinese warships will take part in the mega IFR to be held at Visakhapatnam from February 5 to 8.

    Almost 100 warships from over 50 countries are slated to participate in the IFR, the second such review to be held by India after the one in Mumbai in 2001, which will attended by both President Pranab Mukherjee and PM Narendra Modi.

    Admiral Dhowan said India had an effective maritime cooperation roadmap with all its neighbours in the IOR, which includes both capacity as well as capability building. "We have looked at what kind of assistance can be provided, whether it is in terms of training and equipment, carrying out patrols, hydrographic surveys etc," he said.

    India is also building a powerful Navy to protect its huge maritime interests and be "a net security provider" in the IOR, with 42 warships and six submarines already on order for construction in domestic shipyards for around Rs 3 lakh crore. "We have dovetailed the new infrastructure plan with the maritime capability perspective plan till 2027," said Admiral Dhowan.
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