India-Inspired Organisations of nations

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    India-Inspired Organisations of nations

    Given that packtards are about to infest SCO and now even BRICS it is possible that they will not only reduce the quality of interaction therein but also mindlessly vote with ccpchina and fervently against india on basically all issues, would it not be a good idea for India , for a change, to be the author of a new set of global organizations .

    Secondly the bias in organizations such as brics are tending towards russia-ccpchina familism and usa phobia . We know that by nature without any formal structure it is a fact that india has been drawn towards israel and also the usa - this is because of people to people contact, great universities in the usa and generally equitable ways of thinking including the absence of religious conflict among the three nations . Secondly it is not such a great idea for india to be associated with the haters of usa and israel such as the packtards and to some extent, russia and ccpchina too who both substantially dislike the usa - whereas for india the usa is where around 100,000 of our younger citizens do their postgraduate studies and research and later gain employment in their universities and israel is increasingly a vital source of high-tech which is otherwise denied to us by others . We are also diversifying our defence procurements to include much more from the usa and the same are helping us by allowing us the usage of their facilities eg wind tunnel testing for the MCA fighter jet prototype development , their in increasing importance of joint military exercise with the usa and regional grouping with them and their close allies japan and australia .

    India should therefore not be needlessly tied down into inappropriate groupings such as SCO and BRICS which no doubt have their use but if india is restricted to these alone then the bias could be doing us if not damage then at least misalignment when we later connect with both israel or the usa . For example at some of the communiqués issued by both brics and sco could be aligned against the usa or with inspiration by packtards, could be obliquely against israel - thus misaligning and indeed maligning india in the process in the eyes or our two important allies .

    Should not therefore the MEA begin to do something about initiating national groupings which better reflect india's own alignments and interests and future direction rather than we having to be pushed or guided by others as to our alignments ?

    WE have as friends and allies, usa, canada in n america
    in s america we might prefer argentina to brazil which has a a slight bias against the usa
    in europe :- france, germany uk italy
    in south asia we have thailand, cambodia and vietnam
    in Africa there is a whole host of countries which might want to give india a try after their experiences with china
    and in the pacific we already have australia in joint naval exercises with the usa and japan

    well i have done my part to initiate , author and suggest these ideas,
    i now leave it to you ladies and gentlemen to take it further along the lines i have suggested or even otherwise, differently .

    One hint is that the each organisation does not have to be regionally based neither does it need to have more than three members ..... and obviously, yes obviously packtard will not be invited in !


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    Nice article @roma !

    India has its strengths first we have to realize them and become a strong power.

    Until then it is not wise to go into groupings which may not take care of India's strategic interests completely.

    Trade and Economic groupings are acceptable because they are very important for our growth. But while going for security groupings in Asia ,we need to be careful since there are nations which are unreliable and a vying for our lands.

    Instead India should go for Bilateral agreements in fields like economics, trade, security etc.

    Regarding India of the future we have strong work force, soft power, good will, democracy, resources and will to make change and succeed on global front. India is looking to play a positve role.

    First, we need to realize our potential . As PM Modi said in SCO meet "India is ready to co operate with the SCO nations to combat various issues in this region".

    India is not yet there to be called as a strong nation, India is progressing, but no need to worry we are on the right path.
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    Totally wrong post.................:doh:
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    @roma in my opinion you have written a brilliant article but however it has some flaws.

    Suppose India does form an international grouping of nations to suite its it own foreign policy goals, India cannot provide enough incentives to make countries join such groupings.
    USA and China have enormous monetary reserves which can be used to invest in other countries for mutual benefit but on the other hand India itself is facing a deficit of investments for its own development.
    Thus convincing many countries to join only on the basis of soft power is not enough.
    Countries like China can persuade other countries to join by giving them subsidies on their vast exports but India not being an export based economy does not have such means at its own disposal.
    India is also not a net provider of security like the US which supports countries like Japan,S.Korea etc. and China which supports Pakistan,N.Korea etc.

    One the whole even if do ask countries to join they don't really gain anything substantial by supporting India against China and they definitely lose out on Chinese investments which India itself needs and uses.

    Thus larger powers are better positioned at the moment to form such groupings

    India has painstakingly gathered up its diplomatic soft power which has proven advantageous but in this case diplomatic hard power is needed.

    Thus such groupings led/inspired by India are unfeasible unless India grows stronger.

    This is idea of yours is good but unfortunately not possible in the current world scenario.
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    russia is not against india.....but due to sanctions it need new markets,thats y Pakistan.
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    @roma ,

    SCO as of today is a very useless organization with vague and incoherent goals as well as membership. BRICS is not nearly as ridiculous because its almost entirely an economic forum.

    India should stay away from the impending complications of Russia's assertiveness, China's "peaceful' rise and Japan & West's anxiety. Use it to your advantage as much as possible but stay out of the game because there will be no winners when that will end.

    Deng Xiaoping said "Hide your strength, bide your time.". For once I agree with him.
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    Kolkata, India.
    @roma There are 2 aspects I would like to point out here which will be determining factor of India's success.

    #1 key to Indian success is how fast India grows economically... If India can manage to grow at 8 - 10 % and able to sustain it for next 10 - 15 years then it will be a major guarantor for India's security interests... All respect a strong economic powerful country...Indian economy must be a balance of export oriented and internal consumption based ...

    #2 key is how India manages to balance between the blocks of BRICS, SCO, ASEAN etc to its own interests, one have to remember that there is no friends out there be it Russia, USA or Japan... India have to play a balancing game very effectively for at least next 10 to 15 years such that India becomes economically and militarily independent of other so called friends like Russia or France Or USA [I will not include Israel till yet in the list]. One must not forget how the Russians and French are fooling the Indians when it comes to TOT, rather there is no TOT available to India for Love or Money...
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    Milky Bar
    By giving our ambitions a shape and form we give our enemies something to attack. Let them rant on about toilets and modi ... we work
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    What abt starting with yr neighbourhood? There's a SAARC that seems almost grounded as a talking club shy of any substantial integration and a desperate Nepal the only Hindu dominant country out of India is in dire need of yr aid amid the aftermaths of earthquake.

    Once u earn a proven track record of political leadership or economic engines on a regional scale India'd b perhaps convincing to tout yr self inspired GLOBAL organisation. What's going on in yr surroundings indicates yr ambition has outstripped yr potential.

    Sheerly being a cynic with BRICS or SCO wouldn't walk u too far.
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