India initiates process to corner Pakistan globally, seeks US help

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    India has initiated the process to corner Pakistan globally regarding its patronage to the Al Rehmat Trust, a front for the terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), which carried out the attack at the Pathankot airbase in January this year.
    India has approached select European countries and the U.S., who are part of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to seek the bank transaction details of the Al Rehmat Trust, which operates a dozen offices in Pakistan. Indian agencies suspect that the Trust, founded by Jaish chief, Maulana Masood Azhar, has over Rs. 100 crore in its kitty and the money is used for funding and training terrorist modules.
    The National Investigation Agency had sent a letter rogatory (judicial request) to Pakistan in April this year, seeking the donation and bank details of the trust.
    “It’s been more than four months since we sent the LR . Since Pakistan has not bothered to reply, we have now sent a request to European countries where the host companies facilitating the bank transactions are headquartered. This has been possible as India is a full member of FATF,” said a senior Home Ministry official.
    Policy-making body
    The FATF is a policy-making body and its objectives are to set standards and promote effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other related threats to the integrity of the international financial system.
    Online fund drive
    During the course of investigations into the Pathankot attack, the NIA had found that the JeM was running two websites — and — and the payments to host the websites were made by a person identified as Abdul Hasan associated with Al Rehmat Trust. The official explained that the Trust collects donations at multiple levels.
    “They ask people to contribute voluntarily to the Trust and there are several Pakistan-based businessmen who also donate generously to this organisation. As per our information, the Trust also receives contributions from several other countries,” he said.
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    Indian Security Forces Tear Into Pak’s ‘Innocence’ Claim

    Even as Pakistan keeps on pleading innocence before the international community and denies its role in exporting terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir, Indian security forces have come out with the startling revelation, which is enough to prove Islamabad’s role in sponsoring terrorism with the pursuit to destabilize and disturb peace in the Valley.

    According to Indian security forces, they have neutralized 5,036 Pakistani terrorists since 1990, which is equal to five battalions, and have seized huge cache of arms and explosives from their possessions and during raids conducted at numerous terrorists’ hideouts in the state.

    The arms cache and explosive seized by security forces since 1990 include 34,247 AK rifles, 5,130 grenade launchers, 91 light machine guns (LMG), 1,175 rocket launchers, 461 Sniper rifles, 357 missile launchers, 924 Pika guns, three anti-tank guns, four anti-aircraft guns, 12,382
    pistols/revolvers, 12,961 kg of RDX, 49,344 kg other explosives, 28,318 bomb/mines/rocket boosters, 1,00,376 grenades, and 54 lakh bullets/ammunitions among others.

    The number of terrorists neutralized by the Indian forces and the huge cache of arms and ammunition and explosives seized by them is enough proof to tear into Pakistan’s futile claims that it was not the breeding ground and exporter of terrorism.

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