India gives in to China at the border

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    Leh: China has done it, but India can't.

    One can see Chinese construction next to the Indo-China border, but after a confrontation with China last year - over an Indian shed being made - New Delhi has banned all construction on the Indo-China border in Ladakh.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs in a letter, written in November 2010, to the Jammu and Kashmir Government said: "You are not to undertake any construction work of any nature in Demchok area till clearance of the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi is obtained."

    Gurmet Dorjee, who represents Demchok in the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Developmental council says his people are feeling cheated, and let down.

    "China continues to build across the border but we can't. What is the meaning of this order? People sitting in air-conditioned rooms in New Delhi can't decide what is good for us," said Gurmet Dorjee, member, Ladakh Autonomous Council, Leh.

    Dorjee showed NDTV pictures of the Chinese army in the Demchok area, and the buildings coming up in the Chinese controlled area.

    But Dorjee and his people after the MHA order, now, can't even build residential houses in the area till it is cleared by New Delhi.

    The construction of roads and all the rural development projects have been stopped. The construction of schools and medical health care facilities too has been stopped.

    While New Delhi takes babysteps to normalise relations with China, people in Durbhok and Nyomah in south east part of Ladakh are raising serious questions for New Delhi. They want India to be more aggressive with the 'dragon' and are questioning India's China policy.

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