India gets closer to energy of the future

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    India gets closer to energy of the future - India - DNA

    Indian scientists are one step away from identifying and quantifying Gas Hydrates, described as the energy of the future and present in large quantities in Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

    A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) developed by the scientists of Chennai-based National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) has proved that it can undertake missions up to 6,000 meters to the sea bottom and identify gas hydrates and poly metallic nodules.
    “The ROV fitted with scientific payloads like sensors, and sonar instruments could identify gas hydrates and poly metallic nodules in the bottom of the sea.On April 18, 2010, we unfurled the Indian tri colour at a depth of 6000 meters in the Central Indian Ocean Basin Region, 1000 miles off Kanyakumari,” MA Atmanand, director, NIOT, told DNA. He said the mission was unofficially termed Samudrayaan. The scientists were honoured with the prestigious National Geo Science Awardfor this breakthrough.

    The ROV will help India launch deep sea mining for poly metallic manganese nodules in the 1,50,000 sq km region in the Central Indian Ocean Basin allocated to the country by the International Sea Bed Authority.

    “Poly metallic manganese nodules lie at the depth of 6,000 meters in the sea bottom. The operation to bring the nodules to the surface is a complicated mission and not many countries have the technology and expertise. The development of the ROV is the first step towards exploring the CIOB allocated to us,” he said.
    By this year end, NIOT scientists expect to commission the Autonomous Coring System with which they can explore the manganese nodules.

    “We are dependent on international markets for our requirements of metals like Manganese, Cobalt and Nickel. Once we start mining the manganese nodule, we will beable to have our own inventory of these metals,” said Atmanand.
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    acha kaam, this is good stuff to claim I found it first on open sea, "it is mine". but if you guys want to drilling things out. you guys still need these monster.
    it is CCP, prove me you guys will get better one from other countries,please.
    probably you guys still need this

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