India gets a new Kashmir headache as Kayani seeks NSA role

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    India gets a new Kashmir headache as Kayani seeks NSA role |

    Recent intelligence reports about the future role of soon-to-retire Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani have not been music to the ears of South Block mandarins.

    According to reports, Kayani is making a push to take charge of Kashmir and Afghanistan affairs as part of a re-jig of Pakistan’s national security establishment.

    Official sources told Mail Today that they are getting signs of an internal battle brewing between the political leadership led by Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif and the military establishment backed Kayani, who wants to control the Kashmir button and, significantly, assume the charge of Afghanistan operations after his term ends on November 29.

    The role being proposed for Kayani will be that of National Security Advisor. The Pakistan army is keen to convey to Sharif that while the political leadership will continue to run the country’s policy, Kayani will bring in an element of continuity by advising the prime minister on the two key issues which are vital for Pakistan’s national interests.

    Time will reveal whether Sharif, who has tried to assert himself over the military leadership, will buckle down under pressure.

    But if the Pakistan premier does, the move will have a significant bearing on the security of India. This means Kayani, a known hardliner against India, will continue to put the heat on the international border and the Line of Control (LoC) and the terror tap may also remain open even in the summer of 2014.

    Chances of renewed peace dialogues would recede with the military running the affairs on Kashmir. Similarly Afghanistan, where Pakistan has sought to destablise the Hamid Karzai regime and hit out at the Indian interests, will continue to be on the boil.

    With US troops set to exit Afghanistan, the country may again become a safe refuge for foreign mercenaries and terrorists trained for attacks in Kashmir and other parts of India.

    Kayani’s desire to assume the role of Afghan affairs in-charge will also help him exercise control over Pakistan’s dealings with the US.

    Washington is likely to cut a deal to minimise its losses in Afghanistan and will also need Islamabad’s support in protecting its own interests in the war-ravaged country after the troop withdrawal. 61-year-old Kayani will complete his three-year extension next month.

    Kayani became the first four-star officer to receive an extension from an elected Pakistan government after his tenure as the Army chief ended in 2010.

    If Kayani makes it to the post with an enhanced role, New Delhi will have to calibrate its Kashmir and Afghanistan policies, considering that it will experience some turmoil in both areas critical for the country from a security stand-point.
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    Pakistan is a bankrupt state, I know it is too much of asking but IDRW portal should give sane thoughts a place because no military mind in India or else where give a shyte about what Pakistanis be able to do against India. Kyani or any ani jaani are typical Pakistani bravado masks they use to hide their scared faces.

    Non of Pakistan's tactics including worst form of terrorism has yielded anything in their favor. An Isolated Isalmic fundamentalist state of Pakistan is good for nothing who can not even impress foreign diplomats by organizing ---- in their whore houses. Leave Kashmir they can even do harm to Afghanistan with ever growing ANA and Afghan nationalism.
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