India, Egypt to carry out naval exercises

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    In their first engagement after the new establishment took over in Egypt, Indian and Egyptian navies will carry out a joint exercises in Alexandria.Warships of the Mumbai-based western fleet of the Navy are on a westward deployment and will be visiting a number of countries after Egypt.

    Indian warships will carry out a basic exercise with their Egyptian counterparts as part of the westward deployment of the naval fleet, Navy officials said here.

    This would be the first military engagement between Egypt and India after the newly-elected government has taken over there.Destroyer INS Mumbai, INS Trishul, INS Gomati and fleet tanker INS Aditya are under the command of Western Fleet commander Rear Admiral A R Karve and had made a port call at Djibouti before proceeding towards Alexandria in Egypt.

    After the exercise in Egypt, the flotilla will move towards Spain.

    During their stay in Spain, Navy Chief-designate Vice Admiral D K Joshi will also visit Madrid and meet the top leadership of the Spanish navy there.

    Recently, incumbent Admiral Nirmal Verma had also visited Spain.

    After Spain, these warships will visit France to hold their series of bilateral exchanges there.

    India, Egypt to carry out naval exercises |
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    Interesting, the first thing after MB backed Morsi comes to power is naval exercises with India. Wonder what the Pakistanis will think of this lol

    On a more serious note, this would be probably one of the first military engagements with Egypt since the 1980s when Anwar Sadat came to power and Egypt started adopting a more pro-US line on International affairs.

    The visit will also include Djibouti , Spain and then France which indicates that our Navy is moving towards a true Blue water naval capability. Good stuff!
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    nice news we must engage them ,also other nations in the region
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    Good stuff! What sort of mil-mil interaction we had with Egypt during Mubarak days?

    From what I have read, it was only during the fag end of Mubarak's rule that we had started to develop decent relations and those too were largely economic, where Indian companies were being pursued after. A decent number of Indian companies have used Egypt as a hub for their north Africa business activity.

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