India buys 204 BREM WZT-3

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    "Bumar" published details of a contract to supply 204 BREM WZT-3 MO India


    TSAMTO, January 25. Learned the details of the contract to supply India's Ministry of Defense 204 BREM WZT-3, signed on January 17 Polish band "Bumar" with the Indian company "Bharat Ayres muvers Limited.» (BEML).

    According to "Bumar", the Polish side will perform most of the work on making cars. :tsk:

    In October 2011 the company was selected MO BEML India as a major supplier of another Party WZT-3. This is the fourth since 1999, a contract to supply data BREM Sun India. Earlier, India were 352 Sun units. WZT-3. The company is the main contractor BEML supplies BREM in all previous contracts. After completing the current order total BREM WZT-3 in the Sun India will reach 556 units.

    According to "Bumar", the number of components in the production of Indian BREM is crucial in determining the proportion of funding that will result in a Polish company. The total cost of the agreement is estimated at 275 million dollars. The use of Indian-made components provided at up to 35%. The final cost of the order to "Bumar" will be proportional to the transfer of technologies and the degree of participation in the contract, the Indian industry. These parameters are determined in the course of further negotiations. It is assumed that "Bumar-Labendy" will produce all the body for BREM.

    Under this contract, the plant mechanical products "Bumar-Labendy" (np Gliwice) will supply the first batch of BREM (8 units). To India in the first quarter of this year. According to Polish media, it will be fully equipped vehicles, which probably involves the use of the Polish engine S-12U company «PZL-Wola." BREM, 204 will be transferred to the customer before the end of 2014.

    The contract to supply BREM provides technical assistance in the transfer of technologies BEML armored vehicles.

    BREM WZT-3 is developed by T-72 chassis and is designed for the evacuation of damaged tanks, as well as assist the crews in their repair and maintenance in the field. MBT T-72 tank is the main type in the NE India.

    According to "Bumar" simultaneously with the signing of the contract for the supply of BREM WZT-3 also signed an agreement with BEML for cooperation in the development and test versions of the chassis BREM main battle tank "Arjun".

    The company BEML, 61% owned by the Ministry of Defence of Poland, founded in 1964.

    ЦАМТО / Главное / «Ð‘умар» обнародовала детали контракта на поставку 204 БРЭМ WZT-3 МО Индии
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    Akhand Bharat
    Why we r buying such old crap,cant DRDO make anything like that:p:p
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    When did DRDO make anything without transfer of technology?
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    WZT-3 is not an old crap, come on. It is still preatty good ARV for a 40-50 ton tanks. I'am amazed that India did not buy these tanks with stronger S-12U engines but with older W-46-6. I'am also amazed why India never ordered much newer and better WZT-4.

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