India blocks China's bid to save Pakistan on terror finance scrutiny

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    India blocks China's bid to save Pakistan on terror finance scrutiny

    NEW DELHI: Pakistan's enforcement of UN financial sanctions against terrorism will be closely monitored by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) through its associate body, the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG), after India successfully blocked China's attempt at a recent FATF meet in Brisbane to save non-FATF member Pakistan from such scrutiny.

    FATF is a policy-making body whose objectives include setting standards to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism and supporting implementation of these standards. APG on money laundering, somewhat of a mini-FATF of which Pakistan is a member, is committed to the effective implementation and enforcement of standards set by FATF.

    According to sources in the government, India, with the support of allies like the US, managed to derail China's bid which was backed by Australia to shield Pakistan on terror financing. The FATF meet agreed with India's argument that Pakistan, despite not being part of FATF, was part of APG which works in close collaboration with FATF, and its enforcement of targeted financial sanctions against terrorism should be subject to monitoring by FATF through the APG.

    At the FATF meeting last week, India and the US spoke up against Pakistan's lack of conviction in implementing anti-terror financial sanctions by freezing assets or attaching properties of 26/11 masterminds Hafiz Saeed and Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and 1993 Mumbai blasts accused Dawood Ibrahim etc. China, however, argued that Pakistan was doing enough and reporting on the action taken to APG.

    India was not satisfied with the report submitted by Pakistan to APG as it listed only unnamed accounts, without identifying their origins and their implications for the group's functioning. This was despite India furnishing enough details on Falah-e-Insaniyat, linked to LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawah, publicly raising funds. Similar fund-raising at Hafiz Saeed's rallies was also highlighted.

    An arrangement was worked out at FATF meet wherein Pakistan's action on terror financing will be evaluated by APG, which will then refer the issue to the FATF.


    China is getting too desperate. Trying to block even scrutiny of funding to terror groups. :tsk:
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    Good this sort of decisive action was long overdue from India.
    We have to send out the message that you don't mess with us without consequences.
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    QUOTE :- ......
    At the FATF meeting last week, India and the US spoke up against Pakistan's lack of conviction in implementing anti-terror financial sanctions by freezing assets ......end of quote

    lesson to learn is as follows :-
    China on it's own or with friends is bigger than India
    India plus USA is bigger than China plus whoever else .

    MEA and other goi bodies - please learn that lesson for any future negotiations in world forum(s) ( fora ) and apply accordingly and it will give us a much higher rate of success
    thank you

    yes good things dont come cheap and their cost can go down years - not nec a bad thing as you say

    i say that where we are with ccpchina, the dis-balance in strength right now , which could get worse because of the way they are marching forward compared to the way we are limping forward ( this can however improve in time ) , it is still profitable for us to pay that price in most cases to get the usa on our side - many times we wouldnt have to try too hard and thus the price would be pretty affordable is any because they too are rather concerned about china in military aspects ( unfortunately not so much in economic )

    the cold war india russia alliance might in the next decade give way to india -US ( Israel ) alliance is already taking shape
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    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
    We also have to realise that India + USA relationship does not come cheap. We will come to know the cost(Not necessarily something bad) of it only some years down the line....
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    I would not be surprised if one of these days there is a link established between China and terror groups.
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    So , britishers are finally getting rattled by the ouster for their agents in India. Good work GOI. :clap2:
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    Finally!!! This is how it is done..
    Good show GoI!!

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