India-Bangladesh defence pact pitch: Your thoughts: India terms Bangla media reports

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    India terms Bangla media reports on defence pact 'imaginary'

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 19:35 IST

    Dhaka: India today rejected as "imaginary" Bangladeshi media reports which claimed that the two countries were planning to sign a bilateral defence pact.

    "These reports are untrue. The reports are speculative and imaginary. There is no proposal to conclude a Defence Agreement under consideration," a spokesman of the Indian High Commission here said in a statement.

    The statement came in the wake of reports here about the "proposal to conclude Defence Agreement between Bangladesh and India."

    Right wing Naya Diganta newspaper had carried a report two days back, claiming that Dhaka and New Delhi were pondering about a long-term defence pact.

    Referring to the report, former prime minister Khaleda Zia's main opposition BNP's secretary general Khondker Delwar yesterday said the proposed pact was "unnecessary" and would be unacceptable.

    India terms Bangla media reports on defence pact 'imaginary' -
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    definitely looks imaginary. India can't get into such arrangements with any of its neighbours for the simple reasons-

    1. it can't antogonise the other falling into china's hands and bringing them closer to itself.
    2. india itself is building up its defence to counter the threats it faces. still not there.
    3. india will not jeopardise the atmosphere the atmosphere in SAARC region which may impinge its economic growth.
    4. india still is not militarily strong to play the big bully. neither is it interested.
    5. india has genuine concerns regards terrorism with both bangladesh and myanmar. so it has to tactfully handle the issue with both. it can't take sides.

    coming in the light of recent standoff between bangladesh and myanmar, it is speculative.
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    The daily Naya Diganta is run by Jamat e Islami.Its not surprising to find this type of report from them.No other major dailies reported it.As if defence pact is so easy that it can be signed without letting the public know about it.

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