India allows China to modify Shimla road

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    India allows China to modify Shimla road | Deccan Chronicle

    With scant regard for the geo-politics, India has allowed the Chinese to widen and modify, Theog-Kotkhai-Rohru Road, an offshoot of Hindustan-Tibet National Highway, in Shimla.

    It is baffling that Rohru is around 100 kilometres away in aerial distance from the Chinese border. The project was sanctioned in June 2008 to a Chinese company, Longijian Roads and Construction Company.

    It was then decided that this project will be completed within 36 months. However, when the work for the project commenced, the Chinese company initially worked on the projects for few months.

    During this period, the Chinese company widened the road in this apple belt of Himachal. However, later due to some visa issues of the Chinese workers, the project came to a standstill and later on, the work started again.

    It is interesting to note that when India feels threatened by the massive and modern infrastructure built by the Chinese right on the Indo-China border and emphasise on boosting border infrastructure.

    In the border state of Himachal, the works of broadening of two different roads are given to the Chinese company. However, the allotment of Theog-Rohru Road, which is of great geo-political importance with regard to China, is very surprising.

    Sources in the government feel that keeping in mind the unresolved border issues with the China, and the fact that major hydelpower projects of Himachal are not far, allotment of any infrastructure construction to the Chinese, is not a very wise thing to do.

    The engineering experts feel that the fact the Chinese, who are usually very efficient in construction of infrastructure, are going very slow with their projects in Himachal, this aspect should also be taken very seriously.

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