India aims to create 20 lakh industry-ready biotech manpower by 2020

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    India aims to create 20 lakh industry-ready biotech manpower by 2020 - The Times of India

    NEW DELHI: Seeking to establish India as a world class bio-manufacturing hub, the Union science ministry in its new draft policy document has pitched for setting up strong research infrastructure and creating 2 million "industry ready biotechnology manpower" in the country by 2020.

    Under Biotech Strategy-II, brought out by the department of biotechnology (DBT) early this week, the ministry has identified 10 guiding principles which will take the country to achieve the goal in the next six years.

    The proposal includes launching a number of academic courses in universities, setting up multi-disciplinary centers around existing institutions in collaboration of industry across the country, creating data base ( National Data Center) of all research findings and attract NRI scientists working in the field of bioinformatics.

    "Biotech Strategy-II, which moves ahead of Strategy-I of the year 2007, will be fine-tuned after getting comments of various stakeholders within a month. The policy will be ready for launch when the new government at Centre takes the charge", said a senior science ministry official.

    Providing bio-tech students a wider choice of studies within the country, the government under this new policy will launch three-year dual degree in MSc/MBA in bio-enterprise, agri-business and pharma-business management. A web-based portal for study materials in biotechnology for easy access to students and teachers will also be developed for this purpose.

    Officials in the ministry believed that the Biotech Strategy-II -- called National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2014 -- would not be altered with the change of government at the Centre as such policy generally does not have any political implication.

    The draft proposal was formulated after consulting over 300 stakeholders including scientists, educators, policy-makers, leaders of industry, civil society, regulators and international experts in the past two years.

    "No new government would like to repeat the entire process all over again when country needs immediate policy intervention to give a fillip to the bio-tech industry amid high demand from this emerging sector", said the official.

    Besides launching new courses and specialized training centers, the draft proposal also seeks to create at least 10 companies having a combined turnover of at least Rs 15,000 crore per year.

    The Biotech Strategy-II also emphasizes on many specialized short term training programmes for skill improvement in the field of drug discovery, stem cell, transgenic animals and transgenic plants.

    In order to generate a new breed of scientists with expertise in both bioinformatics and experimental biology, the draft proposal also seeks to start interdisciplinary 5-year MSc, M Tech and PhD programmes with strong agricultural and medical science component.


    If i am not wrong Bangalore is already working on it.
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