India-Afghanistan Relations my perspective

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    India-Afghanistan Relations my perspective

    India is venturing into Afghanistan by giving aid , training their troops ,establishing cultural and trade ties.
    For long Afghanistan is in the influence religious radicals like Taliban and Pakistan.
    A Neighbour country like Pakistan do have some degree of influence on Afghanistan and nothing can change that.
    Pakistan do have some concerns when India or any other country comes close to Afghanistan, One of the reason why Pakistan becomes nervous is because, for long Pakistan is been working on Strategic depth vis-a-vis India.
    For Pakistan when it comes to confronting India they knew most of the important cities and installations are few minutes away from Indian missiles and air strikes. So Afghanistan offers some kind of opportunity to fight back just in case of worst case scenario.

    Secondly The areas like FATA, Khy and other tribal belt in north west frontier for long been in some kind of quasi rule, Mostly tribal laws work there and any thing which goes against Tribal elders will be met with fierce resistance and anger.

    Third Pashtuns living on both sides of Durand line do not recognize this line as border, they do business and other activities just like they did centuries ago.
    So these tribal areas are not in direct control of Pakistan but are ruled by GOP officially. This situation is like an "achillies heel".

    Fourth To get these areas under control Pakistan must exert some kind of influence on these tribals mostly Pashtuns. They successfully did that during Afghan Jihad.
    Pakistan used Religion to cover up all the loop holes in North west frontier areas and united them under the name of Taliban. The CIA and Saudi economy also helped in this cause.

    After 9/11 every thing got changed, USA's priorities changed and now USA are fighting with the same kids which they created against USSR. Pakistan which is so long relied on Taliban are now in catch 22 situation as they cannot oppose USA nor they can leave Taliban for their fate. Some void is left after the Taliban regime fell, this void is filled by Democracy led by Karzai.

    The Karzai Govt is a complete role reversal of Taliban he also wants India's help in building his country, this may have some degree of Indian influence on Afghanistan , which is a problem for Pakistan.

    This is a strategic and geo political game which involves USA, USA is not leaving Afghanistan nor Karzai Govt is in Danger.

    In India's perspective USA and Indian strategic interests coincide with than of USA. USA wants development, India wants access to resource rich central asia. India also wants to have some bargaining chip vis-a-vis Pakistan. India's presence in Afghanistan will sandwich Pakistan on both east and west or an India friendly regime in Afghanistan will negate the strategic depth policy of Pakistan.

    China and India are also working closely in Afghanistan and talks are being held on this topic between New Delhi and Beiging

    India and Iran also working on their strategic interests which coincide as well.
    India built chahabar port and connected it with Afghanistan, this will help India-Iran-Afghanistan trade.

    conclusion: India should engage Afghanistan with trade and diplomacy, So far India has done well participating in Afghan development process.

    India should also train Afghan security personal.

    Democratic institutions play a crucial role in any country's progress so India should help Afghans to set up these institutions so that they will not fall for some radical Mullahs.

    USA is an unreliable partner so no need to participate in WOT in Afghanistan, This war is started by Yanks and let them finish it.

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    Strategic depth is a flawed notion. If the PA is ever in a position of fleeing to Afghanistan, it won't have nearly enough troops to put up any sort of struggle and will be eliminated shortly.
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