India 2nd largest fruit producer in world

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    NEW DELHI: The green revolution of the 1960s and 1970s ended chronic food deficits and while cereals still command the attention of policy makers, fruit production has surged impressively, making India the second largest global producer behind China.

    Annual growth in horticulture has seen fruit production grow faster than vegetables though the latter constitute the largest segment of this sector of agriculture. The stellar performance of fruits has attracted attention of statisticians with the agriculture ministry's 'horticultural statistics at a glance 2015' noting that India was making its presence felt as the second largest producer of vegetables and fruit.

    "Grapes occupy the premier position in exports with 107.3 thousand tonnes valued at Rs 1,086 crore in 2014-15. Other fruits which attained significant position in exports are banana and mango," the handbook said.


    Robust growth of horticulture indicates a growing demand within the country too. There is scope for further growth as while India lies second in the list of major fruit producing countries featuring China, the US, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines and Turkey, its productivity lags most of these countries.

    India's success in horticulture lies in small towns and districts. In 2012-13, Chittoor and Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, Baramula in Jammu and Kashmir, Nalgonda in Telangana, Sagar and Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh, Darjeeling in West Bengal and Pune, Aurangabad, Jalgaon and Sangli in Maharashtra shone on India's fruit map.
    China tops the list of fruit production with 154.364 million tonnes (MT) in 2013 followed by India (82.631 MT), Brazil (37.774 MT), USA (26.986 MT), Spain (17.699 MT), Mexico (17.553 MT), Italy (16.371 MT) and Indonesia (16.003 MT). Surprisingly, though productivity is a weak spot, India does better than China and Spain.

    The handbook, published by the Oxford University Press, points out that significant progress has been made in increasing area under horticulture resulting in higher production. "Over the last decade, the area under horticulture grew by about 2.7% per annum and annual production increased by 7%", it said.Most Indians still unable to afford them. Farmers don't get good price. Middle men makes the money and the government.Modi

    State-wise, Maharashtra topped the list followed by Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

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    Not just fruits, India is among the top producers of most agri and dairy products.
    Still Kangressi and other anti-national filth shout and project that India's agriculture is disappearing.
    And if you read the story it says Maharashtra is the top performer. Still we see farmer suicides in Maharashtra at high numbers. Does that mean farmer suicides are highly propagandized and politicized ?
    Have our Farmers become less productive and weak in heart to sustain the rigors of agriculture ?
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    Problem is not with the farmers, rather in the definition of farmer.
    In our country, we have farmers who have land and also who don't have even a single patch of land.

    Those suicides are most likely due to lack of skill to get other job and sticking with agri and becoming victim of money problems.
    Previous governments never cared about these guys to improve their condition.
    UPA's scheme MNREGA tried to soften the issue but failed as it fell prey to middle men.
    Middle class and working class people are much more resourceful than we give credit for. They does wonders in farming if given enough encouragement.

    Suicide issues became politicized because it is the best technique to make the voter to go through guilt trap. Left always plays it when ever their flames get dim.

    P.S. forgive my grammer
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    Yes and the result is clearly visible. Very good quality of oranges are available at Rs 20 a KG or less here in Surat where there is hardly any crop of Oranges so as sweet lime. Grapes at Rs 50 a kg and mangoes at Rs 30 to 50 a kg. Water Mellon at Rs 10 to 15 a KG. SOme time it surprise me that what shall be the earning of farmers if they are sold so cheap in the market. Vegetables are also very cheap. Carrot Rs 10 a Kg to Rs 20 a Kg.
    Cabbage almost at the same price. so as most of the vegetables. Lemon are available at Rs 20 to 40 a kg. Bottle guard big at Rs 10 per piece.
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    India has the largest cultivable land in the world due to our technological lapse(tech not reach farmers) we are in second position wait&see now on we will reach No.1 in few years.

    Suicides among Indians is 21 per 1 lakh Population.Like students/Army men/xyz occupants farmers also contributed their share of suicides.In India almost 50% pop are dependent on farming so in-toto 50% suicides must be from farmers but actually (on my observation) suicides among farmers is LESS.That doesn't make our paid presstitutes gaga over ''another POOR FARMER committed suicide due to govt apathy'' :frusty:

    Same goes to Rape cases/NE student attacks/Religious violence and so on percapita is very low but presstitutes gaga.
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