In US TV series Homeland, Pakistan is a 'shithole'

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    The United States has broken off diplomatic ties with Pakistan following a terrorist attack by the ISI-backed Haqqani group on the American embassy in Islamabad in which some 40 American diplomats and personnel were killed. All American diplomatic personnel have been evacuated from Islamabad and the US President has ordered the nucleararmed Fifth Fleet towards Karachi.
    If you sat bolt upright and spilled coffee on reading the para above, you haven't been watching the Season 4 of television drama `Homeland', now into its 11th episode. After spending three seasons in the Middle East, `Homeland', featuring a psychotic female CIA operative in the lead, has moved into Pakistan, often portraying the frayed US-Pakistan ties with startling accuracy, and as evident in this lead, with some hyperbole.
    Pakistan's worthless, paranoid existence, its dalliance with terrorists groups, including its coddling of the Haqqani group (who attack the US embassy after inside information leaked by the compromised husband of the US ambassador), its spy agency ISI's treachery and double-dealing, Washington's own bumbling inter-agency fights, all feature in the action drama that has even spookdom among nearly two million first time US viewers in thrall.
    But the constant feeling that courses through the hit series is the utter contempt and revulsion for Pakistan in Washington. “It's not even a real country . It's a f***ing acronym!'' sneers the CIA chief, calling Pakistan a “shithole'' when Carrie Mathison, his principal agent, asks to be posted to Islamabad as station chief (https:http:www. youtube.comwatch?v=falRemG2rj4.) “They hate us. All they want is to stab us in the back,'' he spits out another time. In another episode, when a colleague tells Carrie the information came from the ISI, she snaps, “I don't trust the f***ers.'' Incidentally, the two-faced, doubledealing ISI officer in the drama is played by Indian actress Nimrat Kaur, who acted as a homemaker in `The Lunchbox'.
    So how close to reality is `Homeland'? The broad themes are all well-known and oft-recited in Washington: Pakistan's fostering of terror ism, ISI's double-dealing, the centrality of the army and intelligence in Pakistan, the ineffectualness of its democracy etc. Where the series gets it right is the nitty-gritty, including drone attacks, suicide bombings, and a street shooting escapade that is redolent of the Raymond Davis episode.
    Developed by Israeli writer-director Gideon Raff, the screenplay of `Homeland' is crafted by a team of ex perienced American writers. The serial's maker, Showtime, ostensibly hired former CIA operatives as consultants.Two former CIA agents, who between them boast of 60 years of operational experience and served as station chiefs in seven countries, reviewed the Season 4 finale in the Daily Beast last week and concluded that it has been able to “accurately present the mission, intensity , pace, contradictions and complexity of a CIA station“.
    Maintaining that the CIA protagonists portrayed in the serial “rings true to those us who have been there'', the agents, Chuck Cogan and John MacGaffin, also underlined the difficulties in the fictional Islamabad station chief Carrie Mathison's attempts at dealing “a duplicitous host government and liaison service whose real interests and intent differs from hers''.
    ``In reality, there is no such thing as a `friendly' intelligence service.ISI, however, is the poster child for `duplicitous','' they added.This is the first instalment of a three-part
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    US' Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show is the most popular show in the subcontinent. The US talks about global war against terror, and at the same time provides billions of USD to Pakistan which will be used to procure weapons against India and to train more number of Jihadis.
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    I loved the 4th season of Homeland. Pakistan is a shithole, what's so surprising about that?
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    It took then four Seasons to spill this out?

    That's surprising, if you ask me!

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