In Pakistan, everything is a conspiracy

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    If many of the analysts – some much more senior than I – are to be believed, Pakistan and Pakistanis are at the center of a vast network of conspiracies. Everyone from the long defunct KGB- and KHAD to the very real and regular CIA, RAW, Mossad, FSB, MI6, PMDC and the Intelligence Directorate of Nauru are hatching plots to destroy this fledgling “Nation of Muslims” and to eliminate it, as if they are the final boss of some video game or a Bond villain.

    Everyone, from respected journalists sitting in their cushy offices, to senior bureaucrats masquerading as intellectuals, to “intelligence assets”, to the barber who cuts my hair – all are convinced that there are some massive conspiracies against everything in Pakistan, whether it is our “Islamic” bomb or some CEO of a company who got too greedy and thought that breaking the law was a good idea to make some money.

    The Hazaras that were killed in Quetta? That was a well thought out plan to damage Pakistan’s credibility. That was a conspiracy. The way a social activist was brutally gunned down? That was also a conspiracy. How a well-known model was caught smuggling a large amount of cash? Conspiracy!

    You can travel a little back in time. A polio team was killed for trying to administer immunizations? Conspiracy. The polio vaccine itself? Also a conspiracy. Both conspiracies highlighted by that damned “western” media? Another conspiracy! In fact, polio, the disease, is a conspiracy, the vaccine is also a conspiracy, and the killings of those trying to prevent them is also a conspiracy. The media highlighting it and WHO imposing travel restrictions on Pakistan? Another conspiracy. It is as if the conspiracies are breeding among themselves and producing child controversies, however self-contradictory.

    A journalist gets shot? Conspiracy! His channel launches into full attack mode? Another conspiracy. Other media groups use that opportunity to endear themselves to other conspirators is another conspiracy. A fifteen year old asks for equal rights to education? Conspiracy. People shooting her, trying to kill her? Another conspiracy. A cleric decides to make a state-within-a-state? Conspiracy. That cleric dies and his brother tries to escape in a burka? Another conspiracy.

    Pakistan has state-issued statistics that put our literacy rate below 50%? That’s a conspiracy. The country consistently ranks in the top 20 in the Failed State Index? Conspiracy. We have a wage gap that is growing larger by the day? Conspiracy. We are so corrupt that an official of Transparency Pakistan was caught in a corruption scandal? Conspiracy. The country’s law enforcement cannot take care of its own, let alone the people. Conspiracy. Everything that has gone wrong, from the founding of this country and the caesarean birth of this nation is a conspiracy perpetrated by someone else.

    It is just so amazing, that we can find the “foreign hand” or an enemy intelligence agency’s role in anything and everything that is wrong with us. We even blame the very simple and obvious faults of our own at someone else, just so we don’t have to take responsibility for our mistakes. We will do whatever it takes to prove that someone else is responsible for our misfortunes, just to avoid doing the work it takes to fix most of the problems that stem from us and not anyone else. It is such a weird and cyclical way of doing things.

    I wonder if this avoidance of responsibility and the blaming of others is a result of some other conspiracy against the integrity of Pakistan…

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